Welcome Home To Gordon Logan Who Arrived At Heathrow Last Night!

Gordon Logan ex-MI5 spy has been unable to get his wife a visa to visit his own country for three long years. He found he was able to get a visa recently after starting writing on The Tap.

I saw an email from him on my hotmail account last night with a UK mobile phone number. After being stuck in queues on the M6, I was late home and thought I’d call him in the morning. This morning my Hotmail account won’t open saying incorrect password! It’s never happened before!!

Welcome home, to Gordon and Welcome to the UK to his wife and daughter from China.

I am sure the efforts to stop us communicating by email won’t have any lasting effect.

UPDATE – We spoke just now for the first time. He’s been reseraching HAARP and has more information on the Underground Base near Denver. We’ll have to get him to write in when he’s settles in. I hope we can meet up.

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  1. Tim says:

    Congratulations to Mr Gordon Logan.

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