Theresa May About To Be Liam Foxed

All potential leadership rivals to Cameron are being quietly eliminated, by innuendo campaigns in the media, combined with attacks from within the corrupt departments they are supposedly in control of.

Weeks after Fox went, still no one knows precisely why he was got rid of.

Now Theresa May is getting the treatment, and her reputation will be trashed to the basement in the coming days.

There is only one reason for this. The rebellion against Cameron within Conservative ranks is growing by the day. The 81 could easily have been 120 in the EU Referendum vote.

It’s not possible to undo the rebellion, of course, but if they leave the Party unable to find any potential leadership rivals for Cameron, the hundred plus backbenchers who could turf out Cameron any day they want, would be left with a problem. Who could they tiurn to next for a Party Leader?

Fox was the most likely candidate. Dealt with.
May is next. Let’s see if she can hold out.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    They hit Gove at the start. Then Fox. Now May. IDS was given the full humiliation treatment in 2003, from which he will probably never recover to the point of being a viable leader. That said, who knows? He is still trusted.

  2. She’ll be no great loss though.

  3. Tapestry says:

    They are all ground lost, as the Party has less and less options for a future beyond Cameron.

    May has leadership qualities and should not be underestimated.

    Funnily enough I blogged about UKBA corruption in the Philippines on here in April and May, when we tried to get a visa for my partner, who was not in the game of seeking to pay backhanders (or her agent).

    Theresa May was most helpful in helping to get our case sorted out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    John Redwood

  5. Tapestry says:

    John Redwood, of course. He was given the media assassination treatment way back when. He was used a tad pre-election by the Cameroons as part of their ‘we’re really eurosceptics honest’ act, since proved to be cast iron deception tactics.

    Redwood’s been around so long since his media destruction, he’s about due for a rebirth. People want to hear some common sense spoken about money. Here’s your man.

  6. Sean73 says:

    John Redwood – ex – director of NM Rothschild merchant bank – yes he will do.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Ex-director , not current director. I used to work Procter & Gamble (36 years ago). It doesn’t mean I share the depopulation/ eugenics views of the Gamble family. Far from it.

    Redwood’s politics stands clear in his blog.

  8. Sean73 says:

    Tap – He will do their bidding – it may not be clear but the latent transfer of power will continue – whether or not his actions are obvious. A break up of power in the UK to the localities may appear on the face of it to empower the nation – but they will all report centrally and subscribe to a owg view. And of course a hidden tie to a global currency.

  9. tony_opmoc says:

    Look this entire thing is about a ridiculously expensive and ridiculously corrupt computer system between Raytheon and The Labour Government which The Tories rightly cancelled when they came into Government.

    If you want the fucking thing to work you have got to employ some home grown computer professionals and give us the correct incentives to make it incredibly fast and reliable…

    The rest of the discussion I have read about this subject is a complete load of bollocks

    I Didn’t Cheat and I was Incredibly Expensive

    But The Fucking Thing Worked Incredibly Reliably.

    I Did My Job as an Employee, and The Company I worked For Is Paying My Pension.

    They Probably Didn’t Realise How Much I Would Cost, But I Have No Plams on Dieing For The Next 50 Years

    The Rest of You are Fucked.

    My Computer Systems Worked and I Didn’t Use Any Of This Microsoft Shit.

    That Was The First Thing I Got Rid Of.

    I Have Got To Give The Tories Credit For Something ( I Have Been Scraping The Barrel Bit Am in a Generous Mood Tonight)


  10. tony_opmoc says:

    When I joined them I was one of the 24. They fired almost everyone – over 300 people got the bullet.

    They were making a loss of around £300 Million a Year.

    We had to turn it around and each of us did 10 peoples jobs for a couple of years working all hours god sends and breaking all the “official” rules and making relaitionships with the people we were working with from outside the company.

    Normally in this situation you come across two or three complete stars who are in their early 20’s and not earning much but they are so self-motivated that they are determined to make the fucking thing work. The key to success is making contact with such geniuses and you can only do that if at least at some level – maybe doing the operating system and its hooks and the testing and all the meetings and the presentations you can communicate at close to same level though their brilliance blinds you.

    And you encourage them – and they just give it to you for free rather than going through the beauraucartic bollocks which would bust the company…

    And you say

    You Can cancel that $6Million per annum contract with THEM because our system works reliably and has got coverage all over the UK.

    I might talk bollocks when I am drunk, but when I work I am completely sober, until we have got the fucker working


  11. tony_opmoc says:

    I have been retired for 7 years, and to be honest I don’t really want to do or know. If I did, I would not be retired.

    It is his business he has built it up over the last 10 years, and I ocasionally just check him out by doing a search on his name and his business name, and just like when he was 13 years old, he is giving really high quality technical advice for free, completely innocently.

    He does comunications.

    With his last big order he showed me the stats that his website was the 800th busiest,fastest with the largest number of customers as sorted by Alexa or something…

    He wouldn’t cheat at something like this, he worked his balls off to make it live

    So I thought he must be doing porn or something really heavy

    And it was just millions of kids talking to each other and playing silly games in every language in the world.

    You see he is a Child too.

    He aint interested in porn.

    I see him with his Girlfriends and they paint him up and take him to Stonehenge.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I see Operation Mock is really in overdrive. Is there any truth in what he says.

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