Should I Change The Tap Blog’s Format?

I’ve run on this format for five years and more, and it’s not been unsuccessful. The main advantage is that so much traffic comes in via Google. The negatives are inflexibility.

The way this blog is going, I wonder if it would work better in a WordPress environment, where more stories can be featured on the front page, like a newspaper, while on here, each story appears one by one.

Anyone have any thoughts on that?

Meanwhile here’s the latest from Wasp on various charming subjects, which we would all rather wish away if we had any choice. But out of fellow feeling for the victims, we can’t.

Hi Tap, Here is an interesting insight into Monarch, I was first introduced to this subject when researching Nazi Psychiatrists.
I have mentioned in earlier Posts, viz the importance of colours & vibrationary influences, which is
why the Entertainments Industries are so important to the Illuminati. A particularly interesting frequency is 444 Hz.
Here is the Pdf Down Load Link:-

One of the best kept secrets in history is the Monarch Mind-control programming which uses trauma-based mind control along with state of the art mind control to create humans who are totally controlled by a handler without even knowing that they are controlled. This is accomplished by sophisticated use of the brain’s ability to disassociate, which is used to the extreme to create structured multiple personality-disordered minds.
For an extremely technical definition of what the Monarch program as it was used as US Department of Defense code name for a subsection of the CIA’s Operation Artichoke which is also known as Project MK Ultra. However, this technical definition is misleading because the Monarch Programming under various names such as Marionette programming has been going on since the Nazis.

The basic component of the Monarch Program is the sophisticated manipulation of the child’s mind to protect itself from extreme trauma by creating Multiple Personality Disorder. The most inhumane severe torture is used on children to create extensive MPD. Then the various alters (personalities) are found and Programmed using state of the art mind control.
Harmonics and sound waves are used to manipulate the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious. Harmonic generators code named “ether-wave” are able to imbed detailed commands which are linked to audible triggers. This is one of the standard features of the Monarch program. It allows the slaves to be controlled by trigger words which make no sense or seem to carry no negative connotation to outside listeners. For instance the words, “Mr. Postman wait and see” might set off an access sequence so that a slave living away from its master goes to its master (also called a handler). Some slaves are turned into sleepers. They live normal lives but perhaps carry an assignment 40 years down the road at a prearranged date or a prearranged trigger. Some of the Illuminati hierarchy have been turned into sleepers so that they can be available when the Anti-Christ begins ruling to train the large influx of new people into the Illuminati and Satanism.

Another basic component of the Monarch program is lots of electro shock. Stun guns, staffs with hidden electric cattle prods, and cattle prods are frequently used on the slaves. Electroshock is used to create MPD in the creation of the slave, and later it is used to remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instill fear and obedience in a reluctant slave. Slaves generally carry horrible body memories of excruciating electro-shock tortures to their entire bodies. As the slaves begin a therapeutic deprogramming process they will recover these horrible memories, not to mention many other painful memories.

Under the Nazis, the satanic use of MPD was refined. After W.W.II, the CIA smuggled into the US. German and Italian scientist and specialists who were developing the Monarch programming.

The Monarch programming is also referred to as Marionette programming. A marionette is a puppet and nazi German psychologists were working hard at creating the perfect human puppets. The end result of all the hard work put in by German, Italian, American and British researchers was the creation of an almost fool-proof impossible to detect human mind-controlled slave.


· Hillary Clinton, who is a Grand Dame in the Illuminati, started in the early 1960s a group of mind-controlled slaves which is called Royal Project. She reportedly exercises power in the White House via 16 staffers who have been given authority over the different departments of government. One mind-control victim claims that one of Clinton’s talks gave triggers for him to kill. One of Clinton’s never mentioned cronies, who works closely with him, and travels to meet him at various locations is Charles Whitmore of Arkansas.

· One of the big areas where a great number of mind-controlled slaves congregate are MUFON meetings. An example of a slave handler, who is also a programmed slave is Dea Martin, who tells people she has worked for the government and who does aura readings. She controls her sidekick Jim Courant, a commercial airline pilot. An example of a programmed multiple with “alien” programming was serial murderer Robert Moody. Film taken of Moody in jail shows his MPD (DID).

· Kleinknecht was National Director of NASA during the Moon Flights when lots of mind-control programming was being done by both the Masonic lodges and NASA. C. Fred Kleinknecht was not only director of NASA but the Sec. General of the Scottish Rite 33°.

· The Doors Singer Jim Morrison used the occult code name Lizard King and The Exterminating Angel. He was involved with mind control.

· Col. John Alexander, (also called Doctor) who has been living in Arizona, and who has been in charge of making psychic warriors for the U.S. Army, has the inside reputation of being the Illuminati’s top mind-control programmer.

· James Monroe. It turns out that there have been two James Monroes involved in programming. The first one was bn. perhaps in the 1920’s, was 6’ tall, and he was the CIA man who set up the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, a CIA front for mind-control, He had a very polite front in spite of being a sadistic programmer. The second one was James Monroe Martinez, bn in 1938, 6’ tall, who was busy setting up underground bases such as the one at Los Alamos under the cover of working for GE. One report said he died in 1965. His mother owned a Catholic half-way house in Albuquerque, NM.

· There are all kinds of events happening around us that show evidence of mind-control. One example, is the case of a Catholic man quitting the monastery and becoming a NASA physicist.

· Part of the success of the mind-control lays within their child procurement abilities. The’ corrupt Finders group, which consisted of FBI/CIA men who helped procure children, were led by Marion Pettie, who was called “the Stroller” and “the Game Caller” by Finder members.

* The establishment allowed CIA programmer Dr. Louis Joyon “Jolly” West to examine Jack Ruby in his jail cell. When Ruby refused to admit to insanity, West labelled him “paranoid and mentally ill” and Ruby was placed on pills, which were called “happy pills”. Ruby believed he was being poisoned by the establishment.

· Part of the success of the mind-control lays in the fact that there is such a widespread network of pedophiles. On Channel 5, May 6, 1996, during a show “Priestly Sins,” it was stated that “at least 3000 [catholic] priests are sexual abusers of children.” The program stated that 600 priests have been reported to law enforcement within the last few years for complaints of sexual abuse of children. The show stated that catholics are silenced and punished if they speak up. Priests who speak out are penalized. For instance in 1985, a senior official at the Vatican’s embassy in Wash. D.C. discovered rampant sexual abuse and wrote a report on how it should be dealt with responsibly. The church promptly buried the report.



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8 Responses to “Should I Change The Tap Blog’s Format?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please keep this nice format as it currently is. as it becomes familiar to regular visitors and has many features that are easy to quickly review on revisits.
    if you do change please do with extra caution as change is usually challenging initially even though done with best intentions.
    well Tap please keep up all the good work

    the best


  2. Tim says:

    Hi tap,

    Did you saw the film, Hilary Uncensored?

    Thank You.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think wattsupwiththat is wordpress

    It has a traditional blog page, with margin, but what it has that you do not is tabs to other pages.

    You could make use of those tabs. For example, page of key youtube videos. Page for reader submissions. Page to give new readers an introduction.

    – Me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I have been a reader for about a year, and find the format fine, so it only needs tinkering with. Some of the current articles which are long could be edited, and stored complete in the archive. You yourself have done a splendid job as umpire.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tap old boy, leave as is. It’s refreshingly personal. The site has your identity written through it and its unauthorised, amateur (compliment intended)nature is genuine and engaging. When blogs start getting ‘professional’ and corpoate they put me off.

    Keep up th good work.

  6. wasp says:


    Should anyone not realise W/R/T the pdf download Link:-
    that I gave, if you either get this displayed as web page or pdf, you will see an active Link:- as well as the Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler , active Links to explore with many more pdf & HTML downloads available.
    Just Explore Them if You Wish.

    REGARDS ……….. WASP

  7. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words of wisdom, anonymous.

    Wasp’s firing in some more stuff!

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