Shane, Me And Theresa May

Shane’s visa ran out, and she’s gone back to the Philippines. Our four year old, not unnaturally, asked ‘Where’s Mummy gone?’ and I told him the situation. Yesterday after school, he was using scissors to cut pieces of paper and laid them all out neatly on the floor.

‘What are those?’, I asked him.
‘I’m making visas,’ came his reply.

Soon I’ll be out there, working on bringing Mum home. I’ll keep readers posted, who are following our story. As you may remember we had a few problems with the UK Border Agency in Manila, and I wrote a blog post explaining the strange goings-on in that quarter.

The picture taken in Manila during our last visa nightmare, now The Tap Blog profile pic.

Fortunately the Home Secretary, Theresa May, was able to intervene on our behalf, and get us over the UKBA hurdles placed in our way.

In turn I’m delighted they’ve called the media dogs off her case, and the next assassination of a potential rival to Cameron has been silenced…until the next rebellion sets Cameroon nerves jangling. I wonder if she’s been working on the UKBA’s strange unwillingness to demand affidavits from visa application witnesses. Everyone else in the Philippines demands them, but not the UKBA. Why?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi tap
    Sounds tough,
    please present us all with some
    options of how we can assist your plight,
    & ease your suffering.
    You’ve been a pillar of support to many.

    This is now you & your real life family,
    Isn’t it time we put you first

    how can we help?



  2. Tapestry says:

    HETT, we will go through all the procedures that the law demands. If we are treated unfairly, I will be back on here complaining loudly about it, like I did last time. Thank you for your concern. In truth, as a human being, you should be given an unconditional visa once you are parents, and have responsibilities for children. But the UKBA sees it very differently.

    Human considerations count for little. Yet thousands of fraudulent visa applications get passed every month with applicants claiming they have savings when they have nothing at all, but a fraudulent note from a bank, which is never asked to be verified. It does make you wonder how corrupt the organisation is. It is reported in the media that there are problems with corruption. Those are probably far greater than people could even imagine.

    In this regard I am only interested in my own situation and getting our family back together again. And that is the only focus of my struggle.

    I will fight with all my strength. The interest and help of my readers will possibly prove invaluable as it did earlier in the year. You can’t trust anyone in this game, as Theresa May is finding out. It’s a huge racket which doesn’t want to be stopped by mere politicians.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Sorry about your situation.
    Just say the word and letters will be sent. You have helped us, now we are ready to help you if we can.
    Just keep on until the end of the road, don’t have any distractions.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Thanks, anonymous. I’ll scream the moment I get any serious abuse from any official quarter. It’s reassuring to think support is there somewhere.

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