Sign The Petition: ‘Ban Money Issuance By Private Bankers”

The Rothschilds (formerly named Bauer) lived here. (Rot means ‘red’. Schild means ‘note’. The name that Bauer created means debt)

UPDATE – 25th November 2011. There is already an updated petition addressing this issue, started on Monday by Alexander Baron (the irony!), which demonstrates that the Maastricht Treaty bans the issuance of money by European nations that were signatories. Here is the petition in full.

Abolition of credit creation by private banks

Responsible department: Her Majesty’s Treasury

To remove the power of credit creation from private banks and place it in the hands of either the Treasury or the Crown so that all credit for public spending shall be issued debt-free, and if necessary for Britain to withdraw from the Treaty of Maastricht with particular reference to Article 104(1) and its prohibition of debt-free government credit creation.

From Scotty

I came across Captain Henry Kerby’s ‘early day motion’, placed before the House of commons in 1964, whilst reading The Struggle For World Power (1958) by George Knupffer. Apparently Kerby and Knupffer were great friends.

Maybe this question could be put before the House of Commons again, ASAP.

Maybe one of the rebel ‘referendum 81’ Conservative MP’s would be up for it?.

Or, what about this:

If more than 100,000 signatures are collected, then it ‘could be’ (see wording on website) debated in the House of Commons.

A Motion to Restore the Power of the Issue of Money to the Crown.

This article appeared in Prosperity, October 2001, both the complete article and Captain Henry Kerby’s comments.

On the 22nd December, 1964, Captain Henry Kerby MP, placed the following Motion before the House of Commons.

It was an “Early Day Motion” and so it was never debated and, consequently, does not appear in Hansard. It is, however, published in the Early Day Motion records and [they] have a copy of it at Prosperity.


That this House considers that the continued issue of all the means of exchange – be they coin, bank-notes or credit, largely passed on by cheques – by private firms as an interest-bearing debt against the public should cease forthwith; that the Sovereign power and duty of issuing money in all forms should be returned to the Crown, then to be put into circulation free of all debt and interest obligations, as a public service, not a private opportunity of profit and control for no tangible returns to the British people; and that the volume of money be controlled so as to maintain stable prices:

That the nationalization of the Bank of England did nothing to solve this problem, as the bank only serves a subsidiary purpose and almost all money is still created out of nothing by mere book entry by private banks:

That the aims of those who want to assure private property and free enterprise, as well as those who want to protect the British people from unfair exploitation, would both be best served by restoring the power of issuing money to Her Majesty The Queen, in accordance with ancient tradition and law, as is also demanded by the American Constitution, which gives the right of issue solely to Congress, so as to assure the State and Nation the benefits of that emission and relieve them of the immense and growing burdens of a parasitical National and private debt; and to make certain that control passes to the taxed and is taken out of the hands of the present hidden and unlawful beneficiaries of taxation, much of the proceeds of which they collect as interest on all money and immense debts:

And therefore this House calls upon Her Majesty’s Government to introduce the required legislation, to assert the proper sovereignty of The Queen in Council in this most important of all sovereign functions, to assure unprecedented prosperity with true sovereignty and liberty.”


TAP – start your petition, Scotty. I’ll sign . And you’d get your 100,000 in no time.

Scotty – Just found this among petitions already active and I’ve signed it.

TAP – Come on, Tap Blog readers. Get at it and go viral! I’ve signed.
Here’s more background on how the money men control the world.

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8 Responses to “Sign The Petition: ‘Ban Money Issuance By Private Bankers””

  1. Anonymous says:

    The petition could cite that early day motion. sheep who don’t know what fuss is about might feel it’s a proper subject with that in the description.

    1 million possible?

  2. Anthony says:

    I thought in previous stories the Queen & Royal family were illuminati, pedos, had incredible wealth and power and generally evil. Now your saying the Queen is our saviour and should have full control of the countries finances.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Anthony, in a perfect world we would not be where we are. Changing it requires one step to be taken at a time. Are you in favour of an elected President as in Ireland? They don’t seem to be doing much better. In fact so far a lot worse. The political trick might be to carry the Royals into a new era, sack the earlier lot and all their ways – Charles especially, and hope that William has a bit more about him. But have him elected to office with review every ten years, and ensure alternative media reports the real Royal Family?

    The bigger issue i9s the money right now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I simply had to add this:-

    What are your thoughts folks?

    So all the Rothschild’s etc etc are not even robin hoods (worse) they rob from the rich and profit from the poor, these vermin are milking both ends.

    What will all this money be worth to them in a world where the masses going broke can no longer pay?

    Rich & no where to go!!

    Surely there is only value if you can exchange/deal?

    What are they holding us all to ransom for?.

    so what can we do?

    are we all going to accept the corruption to our (capitalist)system.

    So we have no options?.

    Didn’t Mugabe in Africa give us an option?

    Why not totally cleanout & kick out/rob those not acceptable to us?

    and then i found this:- (funny)
    Mugabe blasts Cameron as ‘satanic’ over PM’s threat to pull out of ……/Mugabe-blasts-Cameron-satanic-PMs-threat-…43 minutes ago
    – The 87-year-old tyrant told a group of young people: ‘Do not get tempted into homosexuality. We will punish you severely.’


    Your opinions please, its time to turn the tide. & challenge the very very few, we are the masses the many, wake up folks.


  5. Anonymous says:

    sorry i meant to add.

    the good part of capitalism may be ok.

    Its the extremes of capitalism that stink to high hell,

    it is truly EVIL

    what has been put into place to stop extreme capitalism?


  6. Anonymous says:

    //But have him elected to office with review every ten years, and ensure alternative media reports the real Royal Family?//

    Elective monarchy is quite common in history.

    Reasonable middle-ground idea.

  7. Scotty says:

    Re. publication date of Struggle For World Power 1958, containing Kirby’s early day motion from 1964?
    OK, the copy of Struggle For World Power I have was published in 1971 and so is an updated version.
    The original publication date was 1958.
    Just to clear up any confussion.

  8. BRIT says:

    if all readers would sign in to “the lawful bank” being set up by “the british constitution group” then we could virtually close these banks down.

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