Monkey See. Monkey Do.

Males identify with the hero character. Females pre-innoculation and oestrogen tampering days, used to identify with the heroine. It goes back thousands of years. It’s a perfect science, making people absorb ideas.

Hollywood was selected to provide the worldwide culture for global programming. It includes drama, music and fashion. Plato explained how the elites controlled fashion, and used it to programme society. Anything can be introduced, even infanticide.

Hollywood is the wood of the wand, literally. The wand appears in cartoons like Micky Mouse. The trick is conducting a spell over an audience. Many actors don’t know they are involved, but the directors and producers know what the messages are, which they are required to transfer into us. Monkey see. Monkey do.

War movies were created using full cooperation of the military in WW2. It’s never stopped. Pentagon often funds war movies to stimulate the young guys, to get recruits.

The BBC in WW1 produced dramas on radio in serials, which inserted propaganda into peoples’ minds, about how young people should sign up. Young guys think they’re immortal. They want to be a hero. They want to save their tribe. Joining up is made to seem a necessity.

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TAP I have to say that watching any TV programme makes me feel ill after about thirty minutes. If I never see TV, or listen to the radio, I feel a lot healthier. Reading at my own speed, allowing my own thoughts to control the pace of information absorption, making my own selection as to what I believe and don’t believe, keeps my morale much higher. For kids, the effects are very noticeable. Kids from households that don’t have a TV, seem a lot more balanced and more able to cope with their lives.

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