Nihonjin! Don’t Trust Your Government. Get Your Kids Out Of Japan!

The silence coming out of Japan about Fukushima is deafening. This lady recounts the story of kids being made to feel like traitors for refusing to drink milk, when they already are affected by caesium fallout from the nuclear plant.

Japanese culture is different to ours, but the sickening laughing by the men who are controlling the meeting as she speaks reminds me of the kind of reaction human tragedy meets in the EU Parliament. If this is the sorry level of responsibility to be found in Japanese politicians, similar to the level we see in Europe and America, the world is indeed in trouble. All these self satisfied bastards need dragging out and shooting.

sent in by Tim in comments.

NEXT VIDEO – The parents are beside themselves with worry. They want to move their kids away but cannot due to financial reasons. Yet the government won’t help them to relocate their kids. (french subtitles)

If I lived in Fukushima I would head for Mindanao in the Philippines, move to a quiet area in the province away from the City, be taken in by a Filipino family and pay them to keep my children there until they get well. They could attend schools and colleges, learn English and enjoy another kind of life. The radiation moves east from Fukushima, not West. The money that they have in Japan would keep them there for many years, by which time they could return to their country and start again – alive and well. They would not be made to feel guilty for wanting to live. They would be economic heroes, and very welcome in a poor community. There are enough Japanese cultural connections there for the kids to be able to keep in touch with the ways at home. It’s not far from Japan (4 hours) for visits home or from friends and relatives.

Retirement visas can be bought with a few simple tests, no criminal record, no transmittable diseases etc. It must be better than what these people are being put through. Get your kids out of there. Ima!!! Don’t become passive depopulation agenda victims. Get out and survive.

You’re up against a world government that wants you off the planet –

Japanese government expects the people around Fukushima to stay in place and die as required.

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5 Responses to “Nihonjin! Don’t Trust Your Government. Get Your Kids Out Of Japan!”

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Tap,

    I suggest a program be started to get the people in Fukushima, Tokyo and other areas in Japan that are affected by the Nuclear Radiation. Perhaps, a fundraiser, a petition will help.

    What are your views about my suggestion?

    Thank you.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Japanese have more money than us, but are extremely unlikely to go against social taboo. Their culture makes compliance with the required standard almost impossible to refuse. They don’t believe much in the individual self. This makes them very vulnerable to situations like this where they are bullied to staying in a zone where their kids will die. They are unbelievably loyal to their culture, even when it runs entirely against their own best interests.

    For Japan, Fukushima means one word – Run. They don’t need much for a flight to the Philippines or Malaysia, anther country open to foreign settlers. Cambodia is even cheaper.

    This is about survival. They need information, not money.

  3. stedra rulz says:

    You can push the Japanese, so far, then they will start turning their idiot politicians into sushi!

  4. Tim says:

    Hi Tap,

    Okay. If I ever meet a Japanese outside Japan, I will persuade him or her to get his or her family/friends etc. I will tell them the information.

    I think it is worth a try.

  5. Tapestry says:

    If their kids are ill or being kept indoors for years on end.

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