WW2 A Farce. Hitler And Churchill Were Cousins…

Adolf Hitler was the son of Alois, who was the illegitimate son of Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, who later became the first Jewish MP in the British Parliament. At age 17 in 1836, he fathered Alois with a sewing maid Maria Schiklgruber, while staying as a guest of the Frankenbergers near Vienna. Winston Churchill was the illegitimate son of Edward 7th, and was not the son of Lord Randolph Churchill. There is also doubt as to the fatherhood of Edward 7th. Is it possible that Churchill and Hitler were really first cousins?

What evidence can be found?

Alois Hitler. Historians have always struggled with the problem of working out who his father was. His mother Maria Schiklgruber was a sewing maid at the Frankenbergers, a rich Jewish Viennese family. She fell pregnant and was sent home, but was supported financially right through Alois’ childhood from an unknown quarter. It was assumed the money came from the Frankenbergers, but the condition of the financial support was her silence as to who the real father was.

Later attempts to say that Alois real father was his stepfather, named Hitler, were all about securing promotion with the Customs service, and not true.

Adolf was also favoured with financial support when Alois, Maria and Klara, his mother all died quite young. He was later trained in London by the Tavistock Institute using the name Edmund Hitler in 1912. His presence in Britain has always been explained as a visit to relatives.

The most likely explanation, given later events, is that Maria was the victim of an occult rape while working at the Frankenbergers, with a visiting Rothschild the perpetrator (Lionel Nathan Rothschild), the family then paying Maria to buy her silence, and later recruiting Adolf to be trained as a British agent at Tavistock.

Klara, Hitler’s mother

Adolf Hitler’s secret grandfather, Lionel Nathan de Rothschild 22.11.1808-3.6.1879. Not many photos around in the days of his youth. He was later the first British Jewish MP. At the time that he fathered Alois (7.6.1837-3.1.1903) with Maria Schiklgruber (1836), he was seventeen years old.

Greg Hallett’s book ‘Hitler Was A British Agent’ contains the full description of what happened, obtained (he claims) by Hallett from secret service sources. I left my copy in the UK, and have asked a relative to check the story before I reproduce it in full on here. Meanwhile this is a radio interview repeating some of the startling things Hallett says in the book.

Churchill was the illegitimate son of King Edward 7th and Jenny Jerome Churchill. Edward 7th, Hallett claims, was the illegitimate son of Queen Victoria and Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Queen Victoria, he claims, was also the daughter of Nathan Mayer Rothschild. Churchill’s grandfather and great grandfather were the same person.

The problem with this claim is that there two Nathan Mayer de Rothschilds, one living from 1777 to 1836. The other from 1840 to 1915. Edward 7th was born in 1841, and so could not possibly have been fathered by either of the two Nathan Mayer de Rothschilds. Queen Victoria, however, could well have been fathered by the earlier Nathan Mayer, as Hallett suggests. She was most likely illegitimate as written in The Daily Mail. There is facial likeness between Churchill and Nathan Mayer and Queen Victoria.

These facts don’t suggest Churchill and Hitler were first cousins, but they could well have shared a common ancestor in the former Nathan Mayer de Rothschild, being the great grandfather of them both, making them not first cousins but third cousins.

The shame of this has been enough to control the British Royal Family, and was enough to make Churchill an ideal candidate for control by the elites.

Prince Albert was an illegitimate son of a stable hand, Alexnder Henstein, who conveniently died in obscurity. See Daily Mail article above.

See their pictures and those of their close relatives, and decide for yourself.

Another close relative was Stalin, another illegitimate Rothschild, trained at the Tavistock Institute. He is the spitting image of Edmund de Rothschild.

Does Hitler’s mother Klara resemble someone suggested to be his daughter by Stasi sources? Angela Merkel.

The eyes and the mouth are similar. The down lines from the edge of Angela’s mouth are unusual. In rare pictures of Adolf smiling, he had the same feature.

Hitler flirting with the girls at Berchtesgaden school, his smile forming straight lines down from the edge of his mouth, just like his daughter Angela Merkel.


Another extraordinary fact is that Stalin was the illegitimate son of another Rothschild, Baron Edmond James de Rothschild. The only picture available shows him bearded and it is not possible to easily decipher his looks.

But look at another Edmund de Rothschild, who died quite recently in 2009, the former director of N.M.Rothschild Bank. He looks exactly like Stalin facially, with Amschel de Rothschild as the common ancestor between the two Edmo/unds, his great great grandfather. Their likeness is uncanny.

Stalin’s mother worked in a laundry in Georgia and Edmond was on a sailing trip passing by, when Stalin was conceived. Stalin was trained under his original name in the Tavistock Institute in 1907, five years before Hitler, also to act as a British (One World Government) Rothschild agent. If this story is correct, and it comes from Hallett, claiming secret service sources, that makes Stalin a fourth cousin of both Hitler and Churhcill, all of them descended one way or another from Amschel de Rothschild, picture below.

How many more illegitimate children are there connecting back to this one man, arguably the most powerful banker throughout history? The whole of Britain’s current Royal family, Winston Churchill, Hitler and Stalin. That’s not a bad haul. There are many other key players to add to the list….

From Victoria and Albert and their nine children descended the royal families of Prussia (later Germany), Russia, Spain, Denmark, Greece and Sweden. In so far as monarchy survives at all in Europe, it survives among those of their descendants who learned the lessons of Prince Albert’s constitutional liberalism.

The eldest child of Victoria and Albert, Crown Princess Vicky, became the mother of German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II, whose militarist policies and determination to build up the German navy led to the outbreak of World War I. ..

It is one of the great political tragedies of history that Prince Albert died aged 42 and was unable to influence events in Germany and to control his mad grandson Kaiser Bill.

I believe that if Prince Albert had lived as long as his wife, until the 20th century, there would have been no World War I, and the tragedies of the 20th century – its genocides, its Bolshevik and fascist tyrannies – would never have happened. (Daily Mail)

Albert died aged 42 of typhoid, a very strange thing for a Royal to die from, requiring access to dirty drinking water. He was probably poisoned as he was keen on stopping the progression of the world into warfare, which was against the requirements of the Rothschilds.

BBC – In the autumn of 1861, Albert intervened in a diplomatic row between Britain and the United States and his influence probably helped to avert war between the two countries. When he died suddenly of typhoid on 14 December….


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What did Gary Speed know? Who wanted to silence him? This doesn’t appear to be politics but who knows… prominent successful people don’t just kill themselves. Mass media expect us to believe Welsh Football Team manager Gary Speed did just that.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The world is not as people believe. The Illuminati demand to control everything, politics, business, war, music, sport. If you don’t comply with their requirements they remove you, one way or another.

    Gary was approached and was not willing to play. He went to Brussels last week to talk about the World Cup. He would become a national sensation with Wales set to do well. They need to be sure he’s corrupted before they allow him to get so big. He wasn’t willing and paid the price….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does this interest?

    Maybe for many mini Hitlers? ha

    “It’s in the area of rituals and magic, which border on secret societies,” he said.


    the best

  4. Anonymous says:

    Any interest?

    Did US ‘climate weapon’ knock-out Russian probe?.

    Russian space experts are struggling to decode fresh telemetry signals received from the stricken Phobos-Grunt probe. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that America’s ionosphere research site in Alaska caused the spacecraft’s failure.


    the best


  5. Anonymous says:

    i heard rumours that the actual father of adolf hitler was George the fifth who had and an illicit relationship with marie alexandrovna (queen of rumania born 1875), in Malta, the child was taken to(possibly born) in Bavaria where he was raised by the illuminati who brought him up to be well prepared for the position they wanted him to undertake. he was well versed to manipulate his control over the german people.
    Incidently that makes him an uncle to the Queen. Most if not all political leaders are related to the royal family(past or present) it is a prerequisite.
    i have also heard that Merkel is the daughter of Hitler. Apparently, the sister of eva braun was artificially insemenated with Hitlers sperm and she(Greitel i think) is the mother of Angela Merkel.

  6. Tapestry says:

    The relationship between Hitler and the Rothschilds is based on his grandfather being ‘unknown’, not his father Alois.

    It’s easy to ridicule, of course, but who then passed haemophilia to Queen Victoria, as it had never occurred in any of her official relatives. Many accept that she was illegitimate. Where did her haemophilia gene originate? Politicians and bankers may lie, but genes don’t.

    The rich and powerful breed amongst themselves, and arrange their names and official relationships to appear respectable and fit the narrative (what they tell you and me is true). Merkel does resemble Eva and Gretl Braun, and Hitler’s mother. The elites are the ones laughing at us. All the stories are sourced.

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