Cameron’s Mother Is A ‘Levita’. He Is Jewish.

Followers of the Tap will know that in September, during our enforced absence from the UK, a hit and run truck mounted the pavement outside our house in the dead of night and demolished much of the garden wall. Followers of the Tap will also know that as a result of our revelations about Britain’s culture of political deception and covert assassinations, TPTB were constrained to issue a visa sharpish to my Chinese wife (TAP – previously refused for three years, effectively exiling the whole family)).

This was done so quickly that the official at the immigration desk at Heathrow couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the stamps in the passport (TAP – a visa following so fast after a refusal). My wife’s visa application was aided by our exposure of the Rothschilds as the covert masters of Britain’s secret and super-rich permanent state, as opposed to the bankrupt Whitehall shambles ‘managed’ by the lying traitor Cameron/mother’s name Levita, who takes his lead from the master-pervert Blair/mother’s name Lipsett, whose candidature for the European presidency failed because of his allegiance to Mossad and male prostitutes.

Having managed to return to Britain last week, I and my wife left our house this morning to take our daughter to school (the black line on the map). We turned the corner and crossed the side street. As we reached the opposite pavement, a large Audi with tinted windows screeched round the corner, missing us by a few seconds, then shot off to rejoin the main road at the next junction.

The map reveals that the car’s detour (the red line) from the main road was absolutely pointless unless this was an attempted homicide or a Rothschild show of force.

Meanwhile, Lord Patten, brain dead apart from the rote cliches that got him where he is, tells the world that it is essential to ensure newspapers CONTINUE [SIC] to ‘play a fundamental role in our democratic life’, and demonstrate their greater trustworthiness than the ‘din of the internet’.

Like thousands of other public figures, Patten has taken part for years in the circular and reciprocal brainwashing of Neuro-Linguistic Programming that has produced an entire administrative elite that, like Patten, lives on message in Cuckooland. What we know, but Patten et al don’t know, is that there is no democracy without the internet, and that the British press is hamstrung by self-censorship, D-notices and mountains of diversionary trivia, while Britain goes to hell in a handbasket.

Newspapers today are increasingly judged not by the constipated articles they publish, but by the comments that manage to get past the ‘moderator’ into their internet edition. Patten is careful not to mention the primary sin of the British press, which is its warmongering, followed by fraudulent ‘soul-searching’ a la Chilcot, until the next oil-rich ‘tyrant’ is identified and his country butchered from 35,000 feet by the heroes of the RAF.

That is what Murdoch is guilty of and that is why he needs to go to the Hague, not for bugging and hacking, which are standard practice in Britain’s fake ‘democracy’ with its identical parties.

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TAP – Lipsett and Levita are Jewish names. Cameron and Blair are both covert Jews.


Jack Of Kent left, not sure, not sure, Guido. Who are the other two?

People would love to believe the newspapers and the TV. Fact is they don’t much anymore. In fact many try desperately to theorise some kind of sense out of the stories they are presented with, but they can’t really find any. That turns them away and to the blogs, where they find another bunch of self-interested nutters, who trade either in narrow supportable facts like Guido, or broader explanation blogs which are called ‘conspiracy theory’. The trouble starts when people find the conspiracy ‘theories’ fit the known facts better than the fantasy tales lived in by the media.

Bloggers should be saying to Parliament,’don’t shoot the messenger who tells the truth. Get rid of the ones who live in the legally protected world of monied lies.’

Is it in the national interest to live in a world of falsehood? The answer is that sometimes it is. For example does it matter that Prince Philip is German, not Greek, and that he was in the Hitler youth, as that was compulsory when he was a schoolboy in Germany, that he is not the father of the Duke Of York, and so on. Not really.

It is more significant that Blair issued a 100 year D notice on the Dunblane massacre, as Hamilton was a known paedophile providing kids to senior government politicians, or that Robin Cook was assassinated to make way for the Iraq war, and so on.

If these are mere conspiracy theories, then it is no harm for nutters to go around proclaiming them, being disbelieved by the masses, and socially ostracised. Truth is never highly convenient for the powerful, and is usually considered to be a form of madness in the time that it relates to. Only a hundred years later are the facts seen objectively, when the strange goings-on are perceived as being some quaint habits of ancient times, not relevant to today.

The trouble with the internet is that that 100 year period is now reduced to a matter of days, or even minutes. Cameron, for example, is a classic example of falsehood walking around, expecting for some reason to be believed – 911, Bin Laden, Taliban, Libya a terror state and so on. When will it become legal for people who know the truth to speak it? Is knowledge of truth a sentence of permanent silence? How will people have any respect for government, which demands to be respected, when they threaten anyone who tells it like it is with legal consequences? In their Parliamentary sub-committee interviewing the bloggers yesterday, they look and sound like the 100 year old quaint irrelevances that they truly are, probably completely unaware of the world of lies in which they have been made to live.

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War is a racket…..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The best indication of the degree of control over the msm and the compliant bogs – like Guido’s is the draconian moderation they impose with regard to all subjects that don’t fit the narrative: BOE being privately owned, the printing of debt free pounds, for example are all comments that mysteriously disappear or are not shown at all. Try it its good fun and gives a prettty clear indication of the truth by showing only the points of view that don’t frighten the horses, or wake them up at any rate.
    History is becoming a new battle front for truthers. The second world war and its causes and contexts are rich seams to mine to challenge the establishment. Peter Hithchens last article in the Sunday Mail points at the growing trend for questioning the hawkishness of Churchill and the betrayal of the Poles. Hitchens is the nearest thing one can get to the truth these days, but he is a bit of a curate’s egg. He still obeys the narrative lines in the sand regarding race and equality, and supposedly hating the bnp, presumably to keep his agreeable salary and lifestyle, but other than that he’s pretty near the knuckle/common sense/truth.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I missed HItchens on Churchill. I’m reading George Bush’s unauthorised biography by Webster Tarpley. His father Prescot Bush was Hitler’s financier, and co-spirator with Averell Harriman, and Thyssen who orchestrated the coup which overturned the German Constitution in 1932. It was a forerunner to the Iran Contra episode, gunrunning to overturn a legitimate government.

    Once Germany was tipped into war by the bankers, Averall flipped sides and went to Moscow as US Ambassador and funded and supplied the Soviet war machine, tricking the Germans into total catastrophe, destroying the British Empire in the process.

    They want world communism with a tiny elite left in control.

    Churchill’s mother was a Harriman. He was clearly part of the deal to end Britain’s Empire, and expand world communism, possibly as a patsy, but as a person with personal and financial problems, alleged paedophile, easy for the elites to control and manipulate.

    I wonder how far into that Peter Hitchens has gone. I knw he reads this blog occasionally, as he contacted me once by email to ask a question about the COnservative Party.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is absolutely society in history perverse? I get sick thinking that all the immoral depravity of sexual deviants have existed for so long.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I suspect Mr Hitchens has a pretty good grasp of the issues that feed into the non narrative so called conspiracy news and politics. He is in my opinion a patriot and brave enough to withstand the opprobrium of his peers. I hope that he is a long game player who like the English Democrats and ukip just need a bit more popular consent before telling the whole truth. His brother, who is sadly very ill, has publicly not denounced the books of Irving whilst not endorsing them, on the basis that no history should be proscribed without having all the information in order to reach a considered conclusion.

  5. Tim says:

    Hi Tap,

    A video for you to watch.
    About Fukushima children drinking radioactive milk.

    Thank You.

  6. Tapestry says:

    Link doesn’t get through to youtube, Tim.

    Can you get a fresh link please.

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