Greek Democracy Overridden. Bankers Rule Direct.

Max Keiser saw it coming a couple of days ago

Greece is no more. The debts were racheted up until they were unpayable. The political situation was destabilised, and Greece’s democratic decision-making processes sidelined. This is a financial coup d’etat, with the elected government turfed out by bankers.

Presscore explains –

Trichet next to the ECB’s puppet Papademos. The financial crisis is being used to cancel national sovereignty, and impose direct rule by Europe’s bankers.

The European Central Bank have orchestrated a coup in Greece. The European Central bankers have installed one of their own to replace Prime Minister George Papandreou. European Central Bank are replacing the elected Prime Minister of Greece with an appointed European Central Bank vice president, Lucas Papademos. The European Central Bank controlled government will be sworn in at 2 p.m. Friday.
The European Central Bank government will immediately sign the European bailout deal and impose heavy taxes on the people of Greece.

It was the European Central Bank who orchestrated the Greece debt crises. They sent Goldman Sachs to ruin the Greece government through debt. The debt crisis for Greece was orchestrated by the European Central Banks to force “taxpayers” to pay for the bailouts of bad speculations and government debts stemming largely from tax cuts for the rich and for real estate, shifting the fiscal burden as well as the debt burden onto labor and industry.

Today the European Central Bank has gained complete control of Greece. They have unconstitutionally installed their own to make sure that Greece will be indebted and thereby financial slaves to them for decades to come.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, So Greece will have to get used to the “Bill and Ben” type of democracy we have in the UK.
    Thank God we have people like Maud` Dib, there is hope left if we strive for it.


    “Those lazy, dark eyed, dark haired Melanochroi need to be strictly managed for the greater good of the White Race.”
    Say the White Supremacist Racists

    Is the problem of Greece lazy Greeks?

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