Fukushima Reactor Is Melting Down

Xenon is detectable at the site. That means nuclear fission is taking place, which, he says, means Fukushima is in meltdown – not good news for Japan and the rest of the world, says Dutchsinse.

He mentions Geiger counters as the method of detecting radiation from around the globe. I saw a report on another channel from a German scientist which clearly stated that Caesium 134 and 137 are not detectable using Geiger counters. Is Dutchsinse slipping?

That said, watch out for health effects in children. Caesium is being detected in the USA at 10,000 times normal levels. If the Northern Hemisphere is planned for a nuclear winter, what can we do? The rumours are flowing of a coming attack on Iran including an Iranian nuclear strike on Israel.

If nuclear isotopes are going to be part of our environment from hereon, you should keep kids indoors. Avoid contact with soil, and leaves from freshly grown plants. The elites are going either underground or to the southern hemisphere, where the nuclear contamination is not expected to drift, due to the jet stream separating the two hemispheres.

They presumably have clean-up technologies available for when they decide to return to the northern half of the globe. It’s funny how the biggest environmental propagandists in history are also the biggest environmental destroyers.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Not being a scientist, how come when Chernobyl went into meltdown the Russians poured tons and tons of lead and sand onto the reactor. I would have thought the Japanese knew a lot about radiation and it’s results. If the nearby people are not bothered, what about the other people in the world.What do we need to do to help!

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