Energy Efficient Bulbs Need Electricity Modification Before Use

These little charmers look nice and squiggly squirly, and save oodles of money on power. Don’t drop them or get cut by a broken one, though. They’re filled with the highly toxic metal mercury.

Even if they don’t break, they represent a substantial health hazard. They give off noxious electromagnetic waves far worse than strip lights, which cause heart palpitations, strokes and can tip people into serious sickness.

You need to modify the electric current you are using, with a special adaptor, which isn’t cheap, and then they are safe to use. This video explains this new and sinister health hazard, and how to negotiate it.

I’ve been staying in a hotel which has no idea about these risks, and has every lamp using low energy bulbs. After four days there I was feeling quite sick, and moved out.

They should try getting emf-filtered bulbs.

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