BBC Thinks Cameron Is A Sceptic. Nuff Said!

Cameron presented as eurosceptic, is rightly explained by Farage, as ‘more Europe’. Farage wants to be like Norway or Switzerland. BBC working false arguments about finance transaction tax, facing solid defence. BBC made to look foolish. We don’t want Brussels closing us down.

German domination. Merkel is now in charge of the eurozone. The only way to get democracy back is for Greece and Italy to leave the eurozone.

BBC left waffling about ‘intellectual arguments’, saying Merkel is better economics manager than anyone in Westminster. Then they try to interrupt Farage, saying he’s making emotional arguments, by talking about Germans.

I’m married to a German, for heaven’s sake.

Germans are saying the Pound is dead. That’s pretty emotional, says Farage.

BBC at its very worst, completely up its arse.

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6 Responses to “BBC Thinks Cameron Is A Sceptic. Nuff Said!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t the BBC still receiving… how shall I put it… ‘soft loans’ from the EU to make the EU look good… all in the spirit of ‘impartial’ journalism?

    It was exposed in the MSM a while ago; but for some curious reason we don’t hear about it anymore. I wonder why.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Case study they they are not all corrupt. Totalitarianism hovers on stupidity. The higher-ups who arranged that piece realised from his performances in the EU Parliament Farage could beat any argument so they set him against the most stupid panel and interviewer they could come up with.

    The discussion was just childish (apart from Farage)… full of hypocrisy about Farage’s references to German rule when they were using the stereotypes (“Teutonic pragmatism”, strong German leadership).

    – Me

  3. Twig says:

    Breathtaking stupidity, even by the BBC’s standards.
    How can a transaction tax in the EZ make them more competitive? What utter rubbish!
    How much do the BBC pay these interview panels??

    For some light entertainment try searching YouTube for “tv licence inspector” here’s some appetisers:
    1. TV licence inspector calls
    2. A licence fee inspector runs away
    3. A police officer calls
    4. TV Licence Visit – A Sharp Exit

  4. Anonymous says:


    It’s that Capita-managed/BBC owned ‘TV Licensing’ (TM) scam that pays for the majority of the BBC’s/Government’s propaganda machine.

    The greatest trick the Nazi’s ever pulled was fooling us into thinking they lost the war. They are everywhere… the BBC/Government/EU/Common Purpose… the list goes on.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The germans lost the war alright. The trick is believing we won. If the germans had won. We would not be in the state we are now my friend. All those neo marxist organisations you cite and their aims to destroy nation states and their identities and culture at the behest of the vampire banks was the reason national socialism was created. Your gloss is a typical received opinion without the context of appreciating the arguments of your opponents.

  6. Tapestry says:

    All nations lost the war.

    The winners were the bankers and the elites who directed each theatre according to their requirements. Nations are seen as temporary expedients for housing the One World Government’s institutions.

    In the 21st century, nations will be no more, if the UN’s Agenda 21 is put into practice. Nations are being suppressed. Greece is no more. Italy too. Their pseudo-democracies are blown away with a single puff, with their debts the excuse.

    All of us are in the same boat. It’s just a case of taking it in turns to be told we are in unpayable debt, and can no longer live in a system of democratic accountability.

    Reality is dawning. All nations are losing again, just as they did in the war, this time from economic manipulation, not military.

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