Bankers Decide Who Lives And Who Dies

Ex-elitist spills the beans on One World Government plans.
CIA – crooks in action, professional liars, are bailing out to South America.
WW3 is to be started with a nuke being dropped on Israel.
One world currency. Homeland Security will shut down everything in USA.
FEMA camps being built all over the USA, to house ‘dissidents’.
Then there will be exterminations just like WW2.
People above ground will be irradiated in the war. The elites will hole up in the underground bases.
All the nuclear radiation will be in the northern hemisphere. The southern hemisphere will be clear, due to prevailing winds.
Whatever’s left of the US will be used as a resource.

NEXT and relevant –

Here’s the man who created the AIDS vaccine, replying to good questioning from a brave journalist. The depopulation programme has been running a long time. They used the Hepatitis B vaccine to spread AIDS to black Africa and the gay community in the US.

More of the same. Haemophiliacs deliberately infected with AIDS.

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