Thanksgiving! Americans Won The War Of Independence – Or Did They?

The American Constitution is not what you think. The States agreed to become the ‘Constitutors’ of the debts owed to British bankers, The City Of London. The States are Corporations, who agreed to collect taxes to pay the debts.

Whenever Americans try to plead in court any terms of the US Constitution, they are told by the judges that they are not a party to the Constitution. It is true. They are not. The Constitution merely states that the States will pay their debts to the British Crown.

Read it for yourself, as described by an American Constitutional lawyer from Pennsylvania. Britain, or rather the City Of London, does own the USA. Legally the USA is a plantation, with slaves.

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Hillary Clinton admits that the Council Of Foreign Relations runs America. It’s a bit long, obnoxious to listen to, and packed full of deception. She says, no more balance of power foreign policy. No one country can cope with the size of global threats alone. ‘States’ must be ‘encouraged’ to cooperate. No mention of countries or nations.

The speech is highly threatening, a totally arrogant statement of the move towards global totalitarianism. There is no mention of the American Constitution which just gets brushed aside. Business moves on. The plantation has to be used now to overpower all other peoples of the world, on behalf of its owners.

All men are created equal. Just some are more equal than others. Here is dictatorship couched in the language of political correctness. The message is quite clear – ‘don’t even think you can disagree’. Completely lacking in emotion, or any humanity. This is bureaucracy, corporatism, militarism all rolled into one. There is hardly an attempt to appeal to anything other than raw power, using manufactured conflicts (Israel) and crises (Global Warming) as the fulcrum of her lunges to seize world power. This empire is entirely charmless, just a list of ‘we’ ‘we’ ‘we’. There is no ‘you’ in this speech. It is ‘we’ and our inferiors. Oh yes, and of course, terrorism, the greatest excuse yet invented for ‘we’ to have more power, and keep the plantation in line. ‘We have the American people’, she confidently states at the end.

Who is ‘we’, Hillary? ‘Me and my rich friends who possess all this unbelievable power over the rest’.

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4 Responses to “Thanksgiving! Americans Won The War Of Independence – Or Did They?”

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Tap,

    Here is a video about predictive programming

    Here is a video about how Television affects your brain chemistry.

    Perhaps, if you can tell your readers about the effects of Television, then they have one more reason not to watch television.

    Thank You.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You don’t need to watch the video where Hilary Clinton reacts to news of Gadaffi’s death to know she is a sociopath. She had a daughter by a man who was not her husband. Incredible corruption throughout her political career. Probably compromised in innumerable ways we don’t know about. Globalists promote these kind of people to high office.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, As well as being a sociopath Hilary has selective memory. She did not know Peter Paul, yet spoke to him several times, attended his show, and was photographed with him.
    Obviously runs in the family being a liar.

  4. That explains why they fingerprint anyone who goes there.

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