American Inventor Says Salt Water Is A Fuel

An American inventor finds that salt water burns when subjected to radio waves. You could run a car on it or power anything else. No shortage of that as far as we know.

Wouldn’t this be better than fighting endless wars to acquire oil?

Global Research

In reviewing the news stories of these past few weeks, it becomes clear that the Western world’s addiction to war truly knows no bounds. Libya is reeling from NATO’s “humanitarian” intervention which has crippled a once prosperous nation, destroyed its infrastructure, robbed it of its ample resources and devastated its population. But for Western military powers, this is not enough. Iran, Syria, Yemen… The hit list is growing exponentially, and so are the stakes.

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  1. wokenkiwi says:

    I just see this amazing discovery ending up like all the other altetnative fuel sources discovered, it will either be bought up by big oil and never seen again or this guy moght have a suspicious accident…

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