America, America. You Don’t Really Exist.

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You should have received the previous stuff related to this i.e. The Hidden Power of The Jesuits.

These videos go one step further. The Illuminati are equated to The Black Nobility, & are one & the same. These families are in league with the Roman Catholic Church & The Jesuits to bring about a One World Fascist Dictatorship with them in total control.

Paedophilia would appear to be the Norm in these elitist circles.

I would imagine this should be of great interest to your American Followers.

Jesuits/SMOM/Vatican & Black Nobility Part 1
Link:- Part 1

Jesuit/SMOM/Vatican & Black Nobility Part 2
Link:- Part 2

The Secret Society of The Buiderbergers, & the control they have in maintaining a One Party State, regardless of who gets elected, just goes to show our Democracy is Illusory.

As is well known, America is still a colony of Britain & is Controlled for the Crown by The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) set up in 1923 by Black Nobility _ Cecil Rhodes. It’s purpose: To break down American borders, control political, public & monetary institutions within America.

They have nearly done this, NAFTA is going to evolve into the North American Union any day now, which will merge Canada North America, S. America & Mexico into a single Super State.

They will sell this as being “good for security from the terrorist threat”.
Who is at the back of this? None other than JP Morgan who is the Queens Banker, a front for Rothschild Banking, who is the Vatican’s Banker.

The CFR is an extension of the old-world imperialist British oligarchy, which totally controls America, the aim being to totally destroy the country.

THE CFR is dedicated to One-Word Government.
The most powerful clique of these elitist is the Trilateral Commission, so wake up to what is going on YOU ARE BEING POLEAXED & SHAFTED, AS WELL AS BEING DEPOSITED ON FROM A GREAT HEIGHT!

We have been lied to big time. The degradation has been carried out incrementally. If you know anything about calculus you will know what this means, The Summation Gives The One World Government.

Everything You Need to Know is stated in these videos.


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    Jesuits, Vatican & Black Nobility are smoke screens for the Jew.

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