The World’s Mountain Ranges Are Shockingly Young

Scott mentioned Velikovsky yesterday in comments so today I am checking him out. He is, it appears, an important source for understanding the planetary events that have shaped the earth. Geologists checked the age of the earth’s mountain ranges and found them to be unbelievably young. The old stones are at the top, and the young stones and rocks are at the bottom. Many came into place as recently as the bronze age.

He compares biblical stories of the sun sinking low in the sky, and the orbit of the moon changing, after a shower of rocks hit the earth. Many lands were consumed by fire. The sea turned red. He compared these bible stories with Egyptian sources, which were translated in the early twentieth century, and found exactly the same events described. These events took place not all that long ago.

Before 700 BC the earth had a different length of day and night, of year and of seasons. The current format of timings started only in 700 BC, when a catastrophic planetary event spun the earth into its current orbit around the sun. These events are recorded in multiple sources around the globe.

I’m intrigued. I will try listening to some more. I am twenty minutes in.

UPDATE – Bizarrely the clip stops dead at 37 minutes just as he is describing an eruption of Venus caused by closeness to another planet. This lead on to major disturbances in the solar system.

Velikovsky has been attacked endlessly for his ideas, mainly as they are in contradiction with the laws of energy, and other scientific laws. As I consider most of modern physics to be bogus, created by corporations to maintain their monopolies, that only adds to his credibility in my opinion.

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  1. john says:

    “The old stones are at the top, and the young stones and rocks are at the bottom.”
    This is covered in GCSE / O Grade Geography and was discovered about 100 years ago by a Scottish geologist.
    It dates to the ice age and is caused by the older base rock being pushed underneath the newer rock and upwards by the force of the ice as it gouges valleys thousands of feet deep into the earth.
    The Isle of Skye and the Western Highlands of Scotland are excellent places to see it today.

  2. Me says:

    The format is hard to listen too so I stopped before 20 minutes. The speaker seems to be stating things as fact rather than critiquing existing theories. Given the shifting of landmasses over millions of years it’s not unusual that old rocks be on top of younger ones. That that occurs is a fundamental part of geology.

    700 BC is incidentally an interesting time period. There is an unexplained – well, much theorised but no clear winner – regression in global civilization from until the “axial age” c400 BC when the motor of history started up again.

    I find the evidence about the Great Pyramid and other great historic sites more persuasive as the case for these sites being built by a More Ancient Civilization is based on evidence. It could be wrong but it’s based on evidence.

  3. Tapestry says:

    The speaker justifies his approach to planetary physics based on translation from sources in multiple cultures around the globe, recording similar events. His discovery is not a physics outcome based on physical research, but a physical deduction based on sound literary evidence from multiple sources.

    Once the impossible has been excluded, the remaining explanations, however improbable have to be taken as the most credible.

    How else are the multiple literary reports of similar events to be explained, other than that they are correct?

  4. Tapestry says:

    John, you say the newer rock is pushed on top of the old. Velikovsky says the opposite. The old is on top of the new.

  5. john says:


    No. I agreed with Velikovsky that the old rock is on top.
    I said…

    “the older base rock being pushed underneath the newer rock and upwards “
    I probably didn’t make myself clear.
    What happens is that the old base rock is forced, under pressure from the side via the advancing ice fields, to slide under the new rock and to emerge at the top.
    It has nowhere else to go but up on top.

  6. Me says:

    //How else are the multiple literary reports of similar events to be explained, other than that they are correct?//

    Perhaps the same stories are all descended from the same origin story, but which then evolved in each local?

    Sea level used to be much lower. Almost certainly there are lost cities under the seas.

  7. Me says:

    What I’m saying is the origin story is from a lost civilization under the sea which has now been lost, since the floods at the end of the last ice age, leaving us only the descendant stories.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Me, it’s possible, but unlikely. How were the same stories transmitted around the globe? satellite? maybe there was a Rupert Murdoch operating thousands of years ago.

    I’m ordering two of Velikovsky’s books today so I’ll be able to work from a detailed version of his theories soon, I hope.

  9. Me says:

    When the sea level was lower during the ice age more land was exposed.

    At that time there would have been a barbaric world above the modern water-edge – where we now live – and the advanced civilization was below it, which is now flooded.

    After all, most of the largest modern cities today are right on the coastline because they are also trading ports. We’d expect the advanced civilization to be flooded.

    Remember the climate was very different during the ice age. The Spinx has water damage because when it was not constructed when Egypt was a desert.

    Merchants, via trade routes would have spread the ideas from the “core” – the ports along the coasts – to the periphery, that is, in land to the least civilized parts.

    At the end of the ice age the core was flooded and the periphery remained. The ideas evolved in the different environments/cultures.

  10. Me says:

    10500 BC – possible date of Sphinx erosion

  11. Anonymous says:


    Good to hear you’re taking a real interest in him. He also has an archive online at I recommend starting with ‘In the Beginning’ which details the catastrophes before Worlds in Collision. This was supposed to be the sequel, but was never published. The film by Henry Zemel called Velikovsky: Bonds of the Past would also be a good one to post.

    The best support for his theories (like any theory) are his predictions. Based on his reconstruction of our solar systems past, he made I think about 26 predictions which were all frightenly accurate. One in particular is remembered thanks to Einstein death. Velikovsky and Einstein were friends and corresponed for years (as he did with Freud). Einstein didn’t agree with his theories but spoke out about the way he was treated. Anyway, and this is a fact not urban myth, when Einstein was found dead in his home siting in a chair, Velokovsky’s Worlds in collision lay open in his lap on the pages relating to Velikovsky’s prediction about finding radio waves on Jupiter. Days earlier, it had be reported that such waves had been found on Jupiter, and Einstein was obviously checking what Velikovsky had said on the issue(maybe the shock killed him).

    I’ve read and studied his work on catastrophes and impact on mankind for the last 20 years on and off. I now focus on his last theory which was published posthumously in booked titled ‘Mankind in Amnesia’. If he is correct then around 2018, a major war will start as mankind once again relives the catastrophres of the past.

    Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I think its important that his work is kept alive, as my father did by telling me about him at 14.


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