Vicky Haigh Begs To Be Allowed To Send Her Daughter A Picture Of Her Baby Sister

Doncaster County Council writes as follows –

Turning first to your contact with your daughter, having considered the above, the Local Authority is of the view that at this time direct contact between yourself and your daughter would not be in her best interests. The Local Authority is of the view that your daughter should be given the time to adjust to family life at a time where there are no court proceedings ongoing and to settle back into school life. The Local Authority is also of the view that your daughter should be allowed to enjoy a period of respite from being visited by Local Authority professionals connected with the previous Court Proceedings.

In addition, the Local Authority is in the process of identifying a therapeutic provider to provide support to your daughter and once identified, the Local Authority will seek advice from the therapeutic provider as to what level of contact, if any, with you would be in your daughter’s best interests. The Local Authority will keep you informed regarding the progression of the therapeutic support for your daughter.

As you are aware, the Local Authority has a responsibility to keep the issue of contact under review and your request for contact with your daughter will be reviewed at the next Looked After Children’s review on the 24th November 2011.

In relation to the contact between Sapphire and your daughter, should you wish to send any photographs of Sapphire (pictured on her own) to the social worker, the same will be happily received by the Local Authority on your daughter’s behalf and will be passed on to her. This is on the clear understanding that this proposed indirect contact between Sapphire and your daughter is with a view to this contact being in their best interests.


Indirect contact in this way is for the benefit of the children only. Please therefore send any photographs directly to the social worker, Maureen Siddle by email (you have her email address) or to her office address of The Martinwells Centre, Edlington. Doncaster.

Should the Local Authority be advised that indirect contact has taken place in any other way save for that as outlined in the above paragraph, the Local Authority shall suspend any further indirect contact and shall review whether contact between the children remains in their best interests.

I hope they’re proud. It’s as nasty and inhuman a piece of writing as I’ve ever seen.

Families torn apart.

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5 Responses to “Vicky Haigh Begs To Be Allowed To Send Her Daughter A Picture Of Her Baby Sister”

  1. Nasty and inhuman but also domineering and dictatorial. I live in the Doncaster area and if the authors name could be revealed I will castigate the person(s) concerned with a great amount of personal enjoyment.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Contact: Miss Katie Liddell
    Tel: 01302 734700
    Fax: 01302 735614
    DX: 12569
    Our Ref: L/KLL/JB
    Your Ref:
    Date: 14th September 2011

  3. Tapestry says:

    Katie Louise Liddell
    Doncaster Borough Council
    PO Box 71
    Legal and Democratic Services
    South Yorkshire DN1 3EQ

  4. tony_opmoc says:

    You have an interesting blog. Just suggest to Alex,it ain’t worth having a heart attack over. I don’t really like Alex, but that was one of the best rants I have ever seen, and I found it via your blog, so I thought I would share this with you..

    I just turned up cos I had an ear infection from snorkelling in Kefalonia

    He took my Blood Pressure and His Look In His Eyes


    You Should Already Be Dead

    And I Didn’t want to die. I had a beautiful wife and a young family

    So I did what he said and I took his pills

    For the first time in my life since I was a Child I felt Really Ill

    My finger and toe nails went a really horrible colour as if they were dieing on me….

    So I went back to the Doctor and said look what your drugs have done to me….

    He said no, that is not the drugs I am prescribing, you have got this other problem and you need to take these drugs too.

    So I went to the pharmacist to pay for all these drugs -and he said they will cost you a fortune – fill out ths form and send it off to this address, and then you can have as many drugs as you like for this annual fee.

    So I sent it off, and got even more drugs

    And I got even worse

    I was fine until, I started taking the drugs.

    I thought this is ridiculous

    The drugs are killing me.

    So I stopped taking them

    I didn’t tell the doctor

    I just didn’t go back

    Occasionally over the last 10 years, I get a phone call from his receptionist asking me to come in for a test.

    I don’t ask

    Is He Dead Yet?

    I just say, well we are all going off diving soon. I will contact you when we get back.


  5. Tapestry says:

    Nice description, Tony. Many people are eating pharmacy to make profits for corporations, and no other reason, at the expense of their health and lives. After getting my mother off all her pills, her condition has picked up immeasurably.

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