The UN’s Codex Alimentarius Is Starving Our Bodies Of Nutrients, and Poisoning Us.

…deliberately. This lady explains the current situation well enough. This is why all our food is irradiated, why all animals are treated with anti-biotics, why all animals are treated with toxic substances.

Make sure your food is grown locally. Make sure you’ve got nutritious food.
And that’s before anyone mentions drinking clean non-fluoridated water.

Read the The Population Control Agenda by Dr Stan Monteith.

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4 Responses to “The UN’s Codex Alimentarius Is Starving Our Bodies Of Nutrients, and Poisoning Us.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Steve Jobs: Death from pancreas cancer has done by CIA.

    It dropped the strontium 90 to the drink of Jobs very slightly, and aimed at his murder noting that CIA had a possibility that the global spread of Apples PC and iPhone and the succeeding machines with which Jobs developed and spread might cause someday movement to the change of capital system financial influence slave rule organization.
    Half-life is 29 years, and radioactive strontium Sr is a deadly poison in the deadly poison which exceeds plutonium, generally it deposits to a bone and starts bone cancer and leukemia.
    The strontium 90 takes out a beta ray with beta disintegration, changes to the yttrium 90, deposits to the pancreas, and causes pancreas cancer.

  2. Tapestry says:

    very possible, anonymous.

    any evidence?

  3. Julia says:

    I suspect murder too. Steve Jobs death was very convenient for TPTW. Also he was earlier kicked out of his own company then rejoined. Apple has been hijacked somewhere along the way. His speech to students at I think it was Stamford Uni is very wise and moving.

  4. Julia says:

    We have huge waiting lists here in Bath for allotments. But there is never any hurry to reissue vacant plots. It takes them at least 6 months. One next to me was vacant for 3 years despite a 5 year waiting list. Rumour has it they are not giving out any vacant plots now til September. The main planting time is NOW! Looks like someone somewhere doesn’t want people to grow their own veg.
    I have also noticed last summer that nearly every time I went to pick blackberries somewhere, someone had cut them all down, just as they are ready to pick.
    And my local COOP used to stock loads of organic food. I think it is now down to just organic milk, which as you say, is treated anyway. Any other supermarkets doing the same?

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