Tap Blog October Stats Target 500% Annual Growth

September was a record-breaking month with just under 50,000 page downloads on The Tap, coupled with 50,000 copied Tap posts published on the USA’s beforeitsnews.com, getting a combined 50,000 plus page reads on that site in addition. These posts were also copied far and wide across the US web, resulting in a sharp increase of monitoring of this site detectable during the month of October, and some manipulation of traffic, including falsifying numbers on posts, detectable by comparing results on different counters.

Taking the Google numbers as they appear, considering the above, October has held up well. The numbers are closing in on 45,000 page downloads for the month (39,000 tonight with five days still to go), with many posts noticeably being copied to Facebook by readers, making up for any Googlish traffic restrictions.

When you think that just over a year ago, the site page downloads for July 2010 were under 10,000, the growth in readership is obvious. Many pieces have been sent in by Wasp, Gordon Logan and others. ‘Me’ seems to have walked away, after a verbal punch-up with Gordon, which is a shame. Gillian has written some great pieces this month, giving the less technical but very perceptive woman’s take on the events we observe and are trying to get an understanding of.

I deleted my post on Gaddafi being lifted after much criticism and many adverse and silly comments. But I note today that Benjamin Fulford heard from a Rothschild source that Gaddafi was lifted out, and is being rehabilitated with plastic surgery to disguise his identity. Who knows? As Gillian says, the details don’t make us right or wrong. The overview of an evil elite running the world holds up to every examination, and once you have that concept in your mind, the rest falls into place from there.

I was interested by Fulford’s comment in today’s video that the Libyan war was fought exclusively by British, Italian and French special forces and air forces. The traditional American military was not involved at all. There is evidence that, as regards the US military, the OWG has substantially lost support from them. The USA contributed drones of all kinds but no human input, and those are controlled by the CIA, not the Pentagon. This is an interesting observation, especially when added to the underground explosions near Virginia and Colorado last month carried out by The Pentagon to knock out the CIA’s underground bases, which Gordon wrote in about in October – surging Tap traffic. I wonder if the SAS, the SBS and RAF know they are being used as the agents of the world’s power elites to steal resources from friendly and peaceful countries. (Read Logan on Libya in last week’s posts)

Keep sending in your thoughts and links. It is a very interesting job receiving all the stuff you send in. What else would I do over these longer winter evenings? Watch television? You’d be joking, right?

If your comments are blocked, as is typical, please use my email to be found in my profile, which incidentally reached 10,000 views today from when The Tap started in 2006. Thanks.

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UPDATE – Google have switched off the day counter so I can’t see which stories are being read quickly. The hits on many recent posts seem impossibly low in the total hit counter. Manipulation is ongoing here, it appears. The editing blogger search facility isn’t working properly either, showing nothing after 2007 in search results. Now come on Google. You can do better than this, if you want to.


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5 Responses to “Tap Blog October Stats Target 500% Annual Growth”

  1. Me says:

    Still here, reading.

    Working most of the day. Haven’t had time to comment on what I’ve read.

    Not 100% convinced by Gordon Logan. Even if he is who he says, and some of what he says may be accurate, he appears to me to be ideologically motivated.

    There is no reason to enter into the Nazi Jewish genocide stuff. Yes others died too, but then why not call it a ___ holocaust as well. It’s a stupid debate and those puritanically for and against are ideologically motivated.

  2. Legion says:

    I’ve just read a post by Guido Fawkes on his blog about an early day motion by rent a gob mp John (wanker) Mann (lab), that is trying to tar the occupy protestors in the city as anti semites. It looks as if bankers must be getting worried despite the virtual ‘d’ notice that has been applied to coverage of the events by the msm. obviously the affect of Max Keiser and the blogosphere is beginning to have an effect on the sheeple that the establishment does not approve of. The labour friends of Israel must have wheeled this guy out to employ the trump in the race card pack, so they must be sweating.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap,

    Legion is bang on. I wonder how many in the Government are dual passport holders.If we can get them worried, they might start listening to the PEOPLE.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Me, no topic should be banned or restricted. If someone knows something, or thinks they do, they are entitled to say it.

    Why not reserve judgement and see what evidence comes to light as these topics develop. It is not helpful to insist that someone else’s ideas are wrong, with menaces attached. Sure enough say that you disagree, but allow everyone else the same privilege of freedom to express what they think, and give them a fair hearing. It would be more use if you could produce convincing examples of non-Jewish operations, and Magick.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Congratulation Tap!


    “Alert for as many as 20 heat-seeking shoulder fired missiles that were brought into the United States from Libya last week. The military is searching for them because they were allegedly acquired by and smuggled into the United States by the CIA. The CIA is planning on using them to down U.S. commercial airlines. The downing of U.S. commercial airlines will be blamed on Iran. Missiles may have entered the U.S. on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic plane”

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