Prepare To Lose All Your Property. Join ‘Occupy Wall Street’.

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I am reading a very informative book at the moment called Struggle For World Power by George Knupffer published in 1958 – and he is talking about how little time we have, back then !

The book leads on from The Red Symphony, posted on The Tap a few weeks ago. The Rakovsky interrogation transcript, from inside Lubyanka prison in Moscow, details how the money-lenders Schiff, Warburg (Rothschild controlled?) funded the Bolshevik revolution, with payments made to Trotsky, via a bank in Stockholm (Rakovsky was there, with Trotsky)

It is claimed that Radkovsky’s life was spared by Stalin because of this information, but surely Stalin would have known about this already?

Communism / socialism is occult Satanism. Marx was an avowed Satanist – read Marx and Satan by Richard Wurnburn.

The clue to the origins and aims of Marx and his Communist Manifesto is the fact that he never writes about money and which institutions have the right to create, control and issue money; the entire subject is ignored by Marx in his writings. Why? Because he is sponsored by the money-lenders, the financial oligarchs, his masters, the would-be masters of us all and the owners of everything

Communism in Russia and in other nations were simply ‘test runs’ for the global Soviet the same powers are trying to bring about today. Part of this plan is to make nations states unworkable and dysfunctional by means of debt that can never be repaid. The money-lenders, in the form of the United Nations, World Bank, IMF et al (the criminal cabal of global corporations and bankers) will then step in and ‘save us’. It has been suggested that they will offer to take ownership of everything (presumably all land, property, resources etc) and will agree, in return, to write off national debts.

Struggle For World Power also explains the extent to which history is planned. In 1942 an organisation called ‘Group for a New World Order’ headed by Mr Maurice Gumberg published plans for the future, explaining that ‘…the Communist Empire should be extended from the Pacific to The Rhine, with China, Korea, Indo-China, Siam (they were wrong about that one!) and Mayala in it’s orbit; and that a Hebrew State should be set up on the soil of Palastine, Trans-Jorden and adjoining territories…the remaining countries of Europe were to disappear in to a United States of Europe.’ (quoted from Struggle for World Power, page 57)


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  1. Interesting history lesson here for all

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