‘People Died So You Could Know This’

…or so the video claims.

Sent in by georgesilver.

I wonder what Gordon Logan makes of the alien part. He normally sees all alien yarns as a hoax. I’m undecided about this one. It’s all a bit odd. Its main message is that any resistance to the New World Order is futile. It’s worth watching, has drama and pace, but it all feels a bit sterile.

Its dates are wrong suggesting the modern world started 5000 years ago. The Pyramids in Egypt could be 12,500 years old, for example. I loved the bit on anti-gravity and the Tibetan monks lifting up 1 ton rocks with musical resonance. They wouldn’t need cranes to lift heavy rocks after all.

As georgesilver says, this is only one for weekend entertainment with nothing new to add. Its motivation might well be suspect, trying to push the alien myth, targeting the 911 truther market. As such, it’s professional quality deception.

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5 Responses to “‘People Died So You Could Know This’”

  1. Bob says:

    Do you believe in carbon dating tap ?
    You keep disputing the age of the pyramids. Pollen trapped inside the sealed tombs inside the pyramids have been carbon dated and are about 4,000 yrs old. Same with the mummies inside the sealed tombs.

  2. Me says:

    Bob, the argument is the pyramids were reused, so the pollen may simply confirm the time they were reused, not when they were built.

  3. Me says:

    I stopped watching the above video after 4 seconds.

  4. Me says:

    Also: I don’t know whether it is argued ALL they pyramids were built before the Egyptians or just a few, or just the Great Pyramid. The Egyptians may have contributed one or two themselves, but it is argued the Great Pyramid was technologically beyond their reach.

  5. Tapestry says:

    See the post ‘Who Built The Pyramids?

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