MI5 Are Being ‘Run Ragged’ By Ex-spy Gordon Logan

I copied an extract of a politicalbetting thread to Gordon, suggesting he browsed the comments, which included the usual raft of accusations whenever truths about events are revealed.

Hi Tap,

‘Anti-semitic’ and ‘racist’ are two trump cards in the brainwashing pack, so it’s to be expected. Shills never address substance unless it’s been raised already. They use the usual brainwashing cards, like ‘conspiracy theory’, ‘anti-semitism’ and so on.

An insider was commenting about me on Craig Murray’s blog. He said I was ‘running them ragged’ – meaning MI5 presumably.

The ideological underpinning of the security services is virtually non-existent these days – they only work for their salary. They know that they’ve lost their country.

For example, it was the job of the Bank of England and the security services to warn the government about the toxic debt scam but they didn’t. Even the Bank of Lebanon was in the know by 2004 and warned the local banks to steer clear of Wall Street debt.

Of course, NM Rothschild didn’t get burnt, because they were behind Greenspan when he got Congress to drop Glass Steagall.

Money like water, flows to the sea.



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  1. Legion says:

    I have become highly sensitised to the constsant wash of conditioning that the British people have been subjected to and find it toxic – after the scales fell from my eyes.

    A conversation with a friend this morning, about her intention to see the film ‘Anonymous’ caused a bout of indigestion. The film sets out to show Shakespeare a fraud.I railed at the travesty of one of the last seriously unmolested English genii, Shakespeare, being traduced by a baseless lie. That lie being that he never penned a single word of the greatest works of literature that will ever be written. I could accept this if the rules of historical revisionism could be equally applied, and films re examining the Germans treatment of the Jews and the war were made too, but they are not.

    Earlier this week another friend described to me the introduction to a pholosophy course which he was starting with the OU, in it various famous people, described how the discipline instucted other parts of their lives positively. One such was Richard Dimbleby. He apparently opined that philosophy helped him structure arguments clearly and enabled him to destroy, for example, the racist and ignorant belief that England was ever a white nation.

    My friend wondered if this had been included by way of a test or whether La Dimbleby was tired and emotional when he recorded it. Apparently not.
    How can a man who chairs ‘Any Questions’ be allowed to do so with such extreme and deluded views that are both an insult and antithetical to all known reason and historical evidence. Such is the corruption of the bbc and the establisments. Such is the extent of the conditioning of the populace that there is not a public outcry at such baseless neo marxist propoganda.

    Oy vey.

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