Marines Join Occupy Wall Street

The unemployed and dispossessed are angry with Wall Street. They are taking to the streets across America. The earlier political opponents of ‘the system’, The Tea Party, have been absorbed into the Republican Party and any hope of them winning power has been neutralised. People are looking elsewhere to channel their rebellion.

Occupy Wall St is democracy’s next attempt to get people’s voices heard. It doesn’t sound too hopeful, but who knows? Americans getting motivated, and onto the streets nationwide in big enough numbers, might be all it takes to get an effective political movement started.

The internet combined with street activism, with no reliance on the main media, could be a powerful force. But with the main political parties, and the media totally controlled by the elites, what other forces are there to deliver the changes demanded by the public?

The military?

Now that really could be an effective delivery system for the campaign. Occupy Wall St has a military tone to it, after all. This could go all the way from street level into a revolutionary coup d’etat. The military is already blowing up CIA underground facilities. Where else can all this lead?

America the nation could be reborn, without secret control by elites bent on destruction of all who threaten their outrageous level of power. Today fifteen Marines are attending the demonstration in Wall St wearing their uniforms. There are many thousands more where they came from.

The top echelons of the military and the lower are beginning to march to the same tune. Their enemies are not Saddams or Gaddafis, but to be found much nearer home, the Bushes, the Jesuits, CIA, business corporations and Banksters.

UPDATE – Marine: We’re here to protect the demonstrators

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18 Responses to “Marines Join Occupy Wall Street”

  1. georgesilver says:

    Now let’s see if the trigger happy police will pepper spray the Marines.
    Should make this a whole different ball-game.

  2. georgesilver says:

    I have had further thoughts about the mentality of many of the people who are taking part in this protest.
    They are actually calling for more of the same medicine that got them into this mess in the first place.
    They believe that government is the answer. People always believe their problems can be solved by someone else. They never think that as individuals they have any power.
    The answer is to do things individually. Don’t feed the thing you are ruled by. Don’t buy their goods or services. Protest never seem to work. They just give the powers that be an excuse to crack-down and bring in new laws.
    Don’t vote. Don’t buy Coca Cola. Don’t buy Microsoft. Don’t have anything to do with Big Pharma. Don’t save with Banks. There are many things that the average person can do by just refusing to participate.
    The best thing a person can do is to buy Silver. This will be the quickest way to bring the banks and their funny money down.

  3. Tapestry says:

    They wouldn’t dare lay a finger on uniformed Marines. If they do, way to go.

    As for Silver, do give up. It’s crashed twice in six months from $50 to $32, and after rebuilding to $44 in six months, it then hit $26. It’s on its way back to $10.

    I’m afraid metal won’t fight your political battles for you.

    Other than that you wrote well, GS. Don’t ask government for your independence. It is yours to have as of now. Your slavery is in your mind. You can remove it through an act of will. If we stand together, and demonstrate our independence, they are as nought.

    As individuals though, we are not able to fight back. We need to make connections with others like-minded, not attack our friends as not good enough. We need each other, and have to tolerate small differences in opinion on things that don’t matter.

  4. georgesilver says:

    Dear Tap the only reason Silver has crashed is because it is heavily manipulated courtesy of the Fed through JP Morgue the B of E and the LBMA plus the regulators have been forced to look the other way. Silver is now far rarer than Gold. All of the above ground Silver has mostly been used up by industry and the rest is being bought like mad by the Asians.
    The real physical market price has been criminally driven by the massive issuance of “paper” Silver. This leverage is well over 100 -1. When the physical market overcomes the paper market then you will see a price explosion.
    As the Fed and the B of E lose control the Euro and then the Pound followed by the Dollar will spiral down.
    Silver is the Achilles heal of the “elite” that is why they are throwing everything at it including the kitchen sink. I’ve been investing in physical Silver a long time.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Silver is not in oversupply to market. It is produced as a byproduct of gold and copper mining, and is usually in oversupply, except at times like the last ten years when the futures market has been allowed to overpower the spot market.

    It is a bubble which is coming to an end.

    I’ve traded silver since 1976.

  6. georgesilver says:

    For people who want more information on Silver then I suggest they take the time to read this very good article about Peak Silver

    Dear Tap yours is one of the few Blogs I read for relief from the masses of investigation I put into Silver everyday. Why do you think I’m georgesilver?

  7. Me says:

    I don’t think Tap has adequately answered the question about paper manipulation of the silver market.

    Also, while I’m interested in his Elliot Wave theory I’m yet to be convinced that it has been interpreted correctly.

    Tap has said (something like) “silver won’t go up again until the Bulls are quiet”. This supposes that at the top of the market, according to Elliot wave, the Bears went quiet, which is why we knew the silver market was at the top of its bubble. But on all objective measures the bears have never been quiet never been quiet.

    So while I remain interested in Tap’s Elliot wave theory we are now in a bearish Silver market, if we are in a bear market it’s obviously not due to Elliot wave, because the bears have never been quiet. Actually, they’ve not even been equal loudness with balls: they have always been loudest in the mass media, among general population, even while the price of gold and silver was rising bears were calling tops every year.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Unless they issue QE, all the asset markets would have collapsed or will collapse further. That’s because there is a huge shortage of cash.

    The FED has issued Trillions of $$ since 2008, but has now folded away its check book. They are pleading to governments in the UK, Switzerland, Australia etc to issue more QE to bail the world’s financial system.

    If they do, silver and gold will rise once more. If they don’t the cash shortage will overwhelm them.

  9. Me says:

    1. It’s not just about cash, but the Gold/Silver asset versus Other asset ratio.

    There is a finite amount of cash, what do you spend it on? Many people think even if the price of gold and silver goes lower it will be rising in price in comparison to stocks. $10 silver could be worth 10* the amount of equity it does today. (That’s a statistic I just made up, might not be realistic).

    2. High inflation is not simply caused by quantity of money but the velocity of money. How fast people spend the finite amount of money that exists. There could be 3 times less money but 3 times higher prices (at least in certain asset classes) if people spend that money at 10 times faster rate.

  10. Tapestry says:

    georgesilver, you’ve blown it as far as Gillian is concerned.


    You just don’t “get it” do you, any of it?

    You seriously need to educate yourself in the real way this world has been organised
    and is run. A good place to start is by reading the books of Dr.Stanley Monteith. “Brotherhood of
    Darkness” and “None Dare Call It Genocide”

    You write as if The Tap Blog and it’s contributors have to prove something, just to you!

    When you begin making a real contribution to Tapestry’s Blog, instead of simply making silly assumptions
    and disparaging remarks, because “nothing’s happened yet” or your effing “garden still looks the same”
    then and only then, I just might read what you have to say. Until such time, I shall not be reading or responding
    to any more of your inane comments.


  11. Anonymous says:

    More QE is a dead cert as they have no other option but to print money. By they I mean the Rothchilds, banksters and other institutions that have most of their wealth tied up in assets.

    There are trillions of undiscovered debt, hidden from official balance sheets. When that is discovered they will print,print,print and print again, and gold will explode as everyone will try to exchange their worthless paper for shiny things.


  12. Tapestry says:

    Me, connection problems today. The key is the supply of credit, 90% of which is generated by individuals and businesses selling to each other.

    As the amount of credit contracts, demand falls, and cash goes into short supply. Deflation affects all markets, silver included.

  13. georgesilver says:

    $10 Silver?? I will willingly buy any silver you have.

    “blown it” as far as Gillian is concerned …. Who cares.

    “Inane and silly assumptions?” Only a person who has no respect for other’s opinions says that.

    As for “not getting it”. I get it only too well. The blogs are full of people that live in a fantasy World of dark deep malevolent forces human and astronomical. These poor souls can’t wait to have their predictions come true.

    The only problem with them is when nothing happens and someone has the temerity to point it out their little cup of hate spills over.

    Dear Tapestry
    It’s very easy to publish outlandish stories on the internet because the people who practice this art never have to face any consequences of the harm they can produce.

    Normally I wouldn’t bother to answer as I have but I think that the Tapestry blog has some interesting articles. I just hope you have the guts to follow-up some of the more outlandish ones and admit when they turn out to be just that …. outlandish stories.

  14. Me says:

    I haven’t found georgesilver offensive.

    If we can’t question our own beliefs or subject them to test of evidence then they are worthless.

    //Me, connection problems today. The key is the supply of credit, 90% of which is generated by individuals and businesses selling to each other.//

    Isn’t credit created by banks – fractional reserve?

    //As the amount of credit contracts, demand falls, and cash goes into short supply. Deflation affects all markets, silver included.//

    Not equally. FTSE crashes 50% from 6000, where it has been for many months, to 3000; Silver crashes 33% from $20 (somewhere near the mean for the last 12 months): you better be in silver. If that happened georgesilver could sell out of silver and buy more stocks.

  15. Me says:

    I mean $30 is near silver mean, down to $20.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Benjamin Fulford New Post today: The fascists have also been trying to negotiate their way out of this situation. George Bush Senior has contacted a senior US White Dragon Society member and offered “all the money in the world,” in exchange for “being left alone.” Unfortunately for the Nazis, many of them have tried to cling to power too long and are no longer in a position to negotiate immunity for themselves. White Dragon sources in the US agencies say top cabalists like the last four US presidents will go to jail.

    Wall Street is a GLOBAL CASINO. You can play in that Wall Street GLOBAL CASINO on internet and lose money. They are operated by GLOBAL ELITES, NOT by market supply & demand that is a BIG JOKE. Whenever they feel like UP, they push UP button. Whenever they feel like DOWN, then they push DOWN button to steal you money. Of course, 401K is the PONZI SCHEME to steal more money from you.
    Economy you have learned in your college is a BIG HOAX that you can never apply. SUPPLY line and DEMAND line crossing point is the market price? That is just a BIG JOKE! We have just wasted our money and time for the FAUX subject that can never apply in this world.

    Even today CNN keep removing my comment posting about NOBEL PRIZE WINNER. Ralph Steinman, a biologist with Rockefeller University! See he gets NOBEL PRIZE because he served for Rockefeller! Right now many people know about who Rockefeller is. Deadly vaccines, Chemtrails, Nerve poison Fluoride, Genetially Modified Food even insects reject to eat and so on. NOBEL PRIZE WINNER = EVIL!

  17. wasp says:




  18. Tapestry says:

    Hi Tap,

    I just wanted to reassure Wasp that his use of upper case type-writing doesn’t bother anyone. (Well maybe just one!)
    It’s as Wasp says, that the message and information he brings to The Tap Blog that is the (far) more important thing.
    Well said Wasp.

    Tap, you are clearly correct when you say that gs doesn’t read all the posts and comments on your blog site. But enough from
    me about him today already 🙂

    “Me” is obviously a more tolerant person than I am. Or, maybe he just doesn’t pick up on nuance? Anyhow, “Me” has obviously got his finger on the pulse, so to speak and brings good info. and links to The Tap, as I think I’ve mentioned before. “Anonymous”
    also is a good contributor. Though I don’t entirely understand some of his info.

    Still no comment/s from Derek?

    Regarding that demo. on Wall Street. I occasionally exchange info and opinion with an ex-pat Englishman who has lived and worked in the US for the past 18 years. He reckons the Wall Street Demo. was union organised to bolster Obama? I’m not sure what to make of that tbh.

    Good to hear that Gordon Logan’s wife has been granted her visa and that they will be allowed to return home with their little daughter.
    I would imagine that he will have to watch his back though, when he returns. I wonder what his opinion of David Shayler is? just curious.



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