Marine Sgt Shamar Thomas Is A Double Deception

Marine Sgt Shamar Thomas, who was in Iraq twice, who protected the demonstrators in Times Square is back being interviewed on Countdown on live TV.

Powerful again. Why are they in riot gear? Why are the Police hurting people? I’ve been on fifty combat missions. The chanters are not inciting violence. The Police marched up and down as if there was a battle going on. I’ve been in battles, and that was no battle.

I’m not a part of any political party. I’m an American citizen. It’s time to change the greed in America. Once you quit the Marines, there’s no place to go. I want to inspire the veterans to speak out against the government.

He was better on the street all fired up. In the TV studio, he’s a pussycat, and easy meat for the interviewer. Read on for the real surprises.

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Anonymous said…
Hi Tap, Looks like Marine Sgt Shamar Thomas,leads two separate lives,and is an actor. Blog “Wellaware1” for the other person.

6:23 PM
Tapestry said…
I might a guessed!

Spooky or what!!!!!!

On reflection, I find the deception and its immediate and highly professional exposure both seem to be a little contrived. Is this an attempt to make people wonder if the next good speaker is a plant also? A double deception ploy, no less. I think so. If they can fill the internet with nonsense, it makes it harder for Alex Jones and those targeting The Federal Reserve system to get heard.

This is what they’re worried about, and trying to bamboozle people over.

The Fed is trying to close down the Alex Jones channel over this video, in which they admit the Federal Reserve is Private Property. This was definitely not staged.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Looks like Marine Sgt Shamar Thomas,leads two separate lives,and is an actor. Blog “Wellaware1” for the other person.

  2. Kryten says:

    Somewhat related to the whole Occupy movement and global economic meltdown, I stumbled on this article tonight and it raised an eyebrow in a “confirms some of what we know” way. Thought you might find it interesting.–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html?DCMP=OTC-rss&nsref=online-news

  3. Tapestry says:

    good link Kryten. The Rothschilds own the lot. period.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Hi Tap,

    I’ve just seen this on Alex Jones’ Unfortunately I can’t get the direct link to work.

    There is a written article and a very short video of some thoroughly brainwashed morons literally calling
    for a one world global government! If this is genuine and I have my doubts, then the Occupy Wall Street (OWS)
    people have been well and truly hi-jacked. That’s if they were ever genuine in the first place?


    P.S. On another subject. That of Winston Churchill, to be precise. I came across some very interesting information
    on him on this site This site is new to me, so I know nothing about the site owner’s particular
    agenda or anything else. However, the info was good imo. Not all of it was new, but some was to me at least, assuming
    it’s accurate.

    What I’m thinking is though, those people who held WC (there’s a ref to those unfortunate initials in the piece) in such ludicrously,
    verging on the saintly, high regard, will never change their opinion of him, no matter what evidence comes to light. Or, to put it another way. This world is largely populated by gullible idiots, imho! Which is obviously a big part of the/our problem.


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