How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take To Create An Earthquake?


If you read up about HAARP, you will find out that the system produces VLF’s, indeed it is a multifunctional piece of kit. & it can do a lot of things, so before its possible to say what it can’t do, read up about it from Scientific Sources & find out what it can do. COLOURS & VIBRATIONS & SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES ARE USED TO GREAT EFFECT BY THE ILLUMINATI, THAT’S WHY HOLLYWOOD IS SO IMPORTANT TO THEM!
When the first unrefined unit was used it initiated a small earth tremor, the power then used to operate it was believe it or not, only 30 Watts. This is well documented if you take the trouble to look it up,by the geologist who was using it.

I gave a more detailed account in earlier comments, relating to the possibility of producing large SCALE EARTH QUAKES with HAARP, from documents I read, that are available from reputable sources if you look for them, before Japan was hit. There appears to be a direct relationship between EARTH QUAKE ACTIVITY & HAARP ACTIVITY, which anyone can monitor using the software available.

It should be remembered that there is a vast difference in scientific advancement in normal research, compared with that on Latent Black Ops Projects. The late Col Prouty is on record as having said the ratio c.a. 1 : 44 since the end of WW11. There is too much evidence concerning very advanced transportation systems that we don’t yet understand such as Flying Saucers for them not to exist. No one goes to the lengths that Western Governments have to cover up something that doesn’t exist.

This would suggest a Unified Field Theory, which would upset a few people.

It is not then possible to say something is a ‘Load of Bollocks’ when viewed in the in the light of our present day science, because we don’t understand it. It would be analogous to someone 60 year ago trying to understand about i-Pods, PC’s, Cell phones etc, or trying to explain Heisinberg’s Uncertainty Principal or Scodingers Wave Equation To Newton.

These are things we now take for granted, But Military Research has now advanced more than than 2,640 Years compared to our 60 Years, so GOD KNOWS WHAT THEY’VE GOT WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT.


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