Icke On Stopping World Government

Icke makes no mention of lizards. This is pure common sense. Brilliant.
Governments should never borrow money and pay interest to private banks.
The Occupy protests have got to target the ending of the way banks are in control of the financial system, or they will achieve nothing.

The corporations want total control over the human race, financially, emotionally, psychologically, militarily – in every way. Power is being centralised – called globalization. They want a world government that dictates all laws, a world central bank dictating all global finance, a world army which is NATO to force any country that tries to be independent, into line.

That’s what happened in Libya. Next Syria. (Tap – and much of Africa)

G8 is the world government.

They want a single worldwide electronic currency. Cash will be got rid of, so that people can be cut off from the system financially. The Euro is only a stepping stone. By ensuring the Euro doesn’t work, they can use it as an excuse to set up a world currency.

The Occupy demonstrators are going to be manipulated if they aren’t careful into demanding not less centralisation, but more.

Centralised Global Dictatorship uses techniques such as terror false flag, or financial collapses, to advance their programme. Soros is advocating a world central bank right now. They want world currency. World army. Worldwide ministries. Orwell knew what he was writing in 1984.

A world ministry of oil is planned.

A world ministry of health.

A world ministry of trade.

and so on.

They want to absorb the corporations as they are now into a global dictatorship, granting them 100% human control.

Don’t call for the end of the corporations as the elites will agree with you, as they have it all in their centralising plan. Call for localism.

Global warming is a giant hoax, created to bring in dramatic change towards global laws, global government.

Get our flippin’ minds back. We need to move to individual think, away from collective response behaviour. A revolution of people is needed, not of corporations. Get streetwise. Decide ‘I am a slave and I’m not ‘aving it’.

Hattip – Talking Clock.

CORBETT REPORT interviews ALEX JONES both saying very similar things to DAVID ICKE –

Once they have the cashless grid in place, and the corporations have all markets under their control, they will roll out the depopulation agenda – with hard kill replacing soft kill…GM food sterilisation, Sodium Fluoride in all water, vaccinations that kill more obviously, and which are compulsory. 80% of the world’s population will be wiped out.

Jones says get local credit unions working, and other alternative financial units to the big banks. Trade in silver and gold. Don’t shop in megastores. Buy from local suppliers. The technocracy are preparing a prison planet, which we must stop, or we face enslavement, including for most, death and sterility.

When all the prime sources are saying exactly the same thing as each other at exactly the same moment, there has to be something in it.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    From Gillian,

    Hi Tap,

    I was pleased to see this latest video by David Icke, on your site today. I watched it last night on Icke’s own
    site and came to the same conclusion that you have i.e. brilliant!

    You may recall that I wasn’t a “fan” of David Icke’s initially. Mainly because of the reptile/lizard thing. However,
    I have been giving his site and his videos another look just lately and I freely admit that I was wrong about him!
    He is definitely right in his opinion of how and who really controls this world imho. As you said in the comments
    box I am just a beginner in these things. (Much more of a beginner than you are). Having said that, I’m still pretty quick
    on the up-take and I think once people have learned the basics, i.e. that this world is not run in the way that we have been
    led to believe and that the MSM is a tool of the largely hidden ruling elite who have an evil plan and agenda. Then the rest just falls into place. e.g. that the evils of
    satanism and pedophilia is at the core of things together with the love of money and power.

    Saw earlier on RT that the odious Blair has landed himself yet another money making (hasn’t he got enough already?) job, as
    some sort of advisor to Kazakhstan. He is beginning to take on the appearance of a devil imo.



    P.S. David Icke may or may not be right on the lizard/reptile thing. I don’t know.

    But I think for the time being at least, it’s safe enough to leave that on the back burner for now.

    It’s possible I suppose that it may have to be addressed at some point in the future. But right now there are more pressing and immediate problems.

    Sufficient unto the day is the phrase that springs to mind.

  2. wasp says:

    Here is another video from Brasscheck/RealEcon TV that arrived earlier.
    Obama: Banks broke no laws.Link:-


    President Obama, who is a creature of Wall St. himself, proclaiming
    that the ‘…banks broke no laws.”

    Mixing sub-prime mortgages into a derivatives package and giving it
    a triple A credit rating is fraud. Is fraud no longer illegal?

    Obama even squirms a little as he defends his buddies in banking,
    almost as if the lies tasted foul coming out of his mouth.

    So Stacy & Max apply Occam’s razor or lex parsimoniae, & say he obviously has. Obama must live in a Total Dream World. No New Laws are Required to Prosecute, so why hasn’t he?


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