Governments Prepare To Control The Internet (as if they weren’t already)

Blogs like this depend to a great extent on the openness of the internet, so that people can read, comment and send in material for publication, as they see fit. That openness is threatened by a forthcoming act of the US Congress designed to ‘protect the entertainment industry’, the PROTECT IP ACT.

This is no doubt why the universal downloading of music, and ‘wholesale rape of the music industry’ was allowed to happen in the first place. Downloading free material could easily have been prevented if they had wanted to stop it.

It’s now obvious that creating the downloading problem was intentional, providing TPTB with the excuse they need to restrict everyone’s use and access to not only entertainment, but to the internet, especially I would imagine, people interested in finding out what the world’s real power structures consist of, as we do on The Tap.

Advertising will be controlled.
Links to music sites will be cut off.
New social media sites and creative search engines could well be blocked.
Any youtube clip with downloaded music background could be banned.

What should we do in preparation for this assault?

I wondered about moving to WordPress, but as google brings in a lot of traffic, that seemed counterproductive. Maybe it’s best to do nothing except plough on. There is clearly traffic manipulation going on on this site as Google pushes traffic to posts they don’t mind people reading, in bigger numbers, and shrinks traffic to articles/posts they don’t like.

These efforts are none too sophisticated. I can see that my controller uses a MacIntosh and Safari, which I don’t, and my IP address appears on site counters is actually his IP address, nothing like the one my mother has when I’m at her house in Wales for example. The address often appears as somewhere in the USA, when I write at various locations, involving two and more countries, none of which is the US!

There are frequently discrepancies between the old Google blogspot version, and the new. It could be all coincidental, but I doubt it. They knock off hits to keep stories they don’t like out of the rankings, and probably pad counter hits onto trivia.

You see the same on Youtube, with blockbusting reports from Alex Jones registering a mere 100 hits. Impossible!!!

I can think of a few techniques to get around some of this, but as yet have not implemented them! That said, I might have to start!

UPDATE – As if to prove my point, the usual hit counters are showing nil traffic for the two most recent posts, and nil comments. If you’re getting blocked, use my email in my profile.
Maybe it’s just a bad google day! The total hits look OK for a Saturday morning at 400, but no hits are arriving on any posts, and the day’s totals, and the last two hours totals show as nil! My minder is obviously going for a bonus this weekend.

Woodsy42 commentsThis is the legislation designed to do it Tap, the EU are pushing it on all members.

UPDATE – all detailed information as to hits has been stopped on The Tap by Google. I see the days total and that’s it. All posts are registering nil hits, or are frozen where they were two days ago. The top ten in the left column are also frozen as a result. I’ll take it as a compliment. Only thing is, it’s not possible to know what you guys are reading…or is it?! Posts have more comments than readers. They’re doing the full job here. Congratulations, boys.

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  1. Woodsy42 says:

    This is the legislation designed to do it Tap, the EU are pushing it on all members.

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