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I’ve been watching google stats on posts recently, by tracking the difference in the number of hits given on posts between the old blogger interface and the updated version. The differences can be quite significant, especially it seems, where ‘cutting’ the hit counter keeps posts out of the Top Ten this week list, which then get more readers from being on the list.

This post has had easily enough hits to get into the top ten this week on the updated version, but for some reason it never arrives in the list. I wonder why that would be!

This came in as a comment from Gordon Logan –

I once knew an MI6 officer who was a killer on occasion, and a lot of other things. He was also a Catholic, and I even drove him to confession once. He was also a member of Opus Dei. I also found evidence that he was a freemason. He was a big fan of the freemason Ratzinger. So he was a real life Dan Brown character, with a bit of Le Carre mixed in.

What was interesting was his view of the hierarchy of power. He was circumspect when talking about the power of bankers – he considered that a rather dangerous subject since the conspiracy was still under wraps in those days. He was also circumspect about Jews, especially those he had to work with. In fact at one point he was ordered to patch up his relations with them. I made a point of getting on well with everybody, so he asked me to help him! He didn’t say anything about Jesuits, though he was quite aware of the pecking order of power.

I must say I find it difficult to believe that Jesuits wield power that is at all comparable to that of the top Zionist bankers like Lloyd Blankfein, who says he ‘does God’s work’. Then of course there is the obvious cover-up of the colossal Rothschild wealth, which itself conceals colossal political power with its concommitant secrecy in places like the US Treasury, where every last cent of the huge, coerced and odious federal debt is collateralized by America’s huge resources and of course the resources of many other countries, thanks to the World Bank and the IMF.

Anybody who believes that the Rothschilds somehow ‘missed out’ in America is a simpleton. The owners of the Fed are in the Rothschild pocket and have been for over a century. Even the great JP Morgan turned out to be a Rothschild pawn, when his will was read. Without Rothschild, Israel and the Jews would be nothing. We ‘have nothing to lose but our chains’, as their house charlatan, Marx, once said.


And here is an example of some of that power being exercised, and a politician who fell into favour with the mega rich power elite, Britain’s own Prince Of Darkness, Peter Mandelson.

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  1. Me says:

    Peter Mandelson looks like Manchester City’s Manager Roberto Mancini. Type both names into google image search. It’s uncanny.

    Just to reiterate what I said in the other thread… couldn’t disagree with the use of the term “Jewish” more. It’s not a them (Jewish) versus us (Gentiles). That’s a ridiculous caricature. Many individual Jewish families are influential, but the extent to which they can be called “Jewish” – in the religious sense – may be questioned and you certainly can’t claim all Jewish people are globalists. Jewish protesters in Tel Aviv recently got out the guillotine for the bankers.

    What did I say about this?

    “Police and social workers began suspecting two weeks ago that Ray’s story was bogus and that his motives were suspect.

    //He told a tale – in accented English – that gripped the imagination of the world. He said he had been living in a tent in a forest for five years with his father, called Ryan, and that his mother Doreen had died in a car crash five years previously.
    He said that his father died suddenly in the woods and he began walking towards Berlin. He said he had buried his father among the trees.
    ‘I’m all alone, please help me,’ he said. //

    Might not be British after all though.

    //But his tall tale soon began to develop more holes than a Swiss cheese.
    A check of police computers in all 16 states of Germany found that no one by the name of Doreen had died in a car crash in the past decade.
    No sign of a grave has been found in cursory searches of forests in the Harz Mountains, along the Bavarian-Czech border or in Thuringia.
    Ray is unable to pinpoint the forest where he said he lived, he is also unable to say what nationality he is. Officials originally thought he could be British because he speaks English but only basic German, although they now doubt this.//

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