Google Censors Today’s Gaddafi Posts On The Tap

The top three trending posts on The Tap today are all on Gaddafi. Yet not one of them has made it to the week’s top ten list, which is statistically incorrect, and indicates ‘supervision’ and ‘censorship’ of the list, stopping readers from finding the trending posts.

It’s pleasing to think we are not pleasing TPTB. They are always adjusting something on The Tap, trying to send innocuous posts from my back catalogue into the Top Ten, keeping out more recent and poignant topics. But to eradicate three trending posts all at once is a Tap Blog first.

No doubt searchers are finding their pathway blocked, and they don’t want people reading that Gaddafi’s double was the star of the gory supposed murder scene, that Gaddafi was executed after capture using The Double Tap, and all the great stories sent in by Gordon Logan this week about other key events which happened in my lifetime, that we can now see were not what we told at the time.

The other stories they have removed were all about flu vaccinations causing multiple stillbirths and miscarriages.

A determined reader will find their way in. Many will not see the great material the blog is receiving these last two days.


1. That’s not Gaddafi. That’s A Double.

2. Gaddafi. An alternative view from an ex-British spy.

3. Gaddafi’s End. The Double Tap.


That’s good. The articles are back in the list, and the blog’s daily page download tally just shot up two hundred pips in five minutes. My minder must be cooperating!
I see on the site counter that my IP address is often located in the USA, and always shows an Apple Mac and Safari as the browser, which are not what I’m using. I’ve never once blogged from the USA in five years of blogging! They used to keep me in Essex for awhile. Now I’m going international. I’ll have to take it as a compliment.

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