Gillian Sorts The One World Government Wheat From The Chaff

Things can get very confusing in comments some days, when The Tap hooks up with new readers who sometimes can, and sometimes cannot quite get it about the New World Order, the One World Government, call it what you will. Some bring sensible queries. Others try to poke fun. Others are trolling.

Today my ability to reply to all of these was getting overstretched, when, exactly on cue, Gillian came to my rescue, and summed everything up in a paragraph.

I can empathize somewhat with Tony actually because as I see it, it is not simply about links
to rather dubious claims and references. Not all are dubious of course. But I think when a person
is aware of the basics so to speak, then it is not difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.

I still think the best basic guide book is that by Dr. Stanley Monteith, Brotherhood of Darkness, which
you still rightly imo recommend on your site Tap. I chose to watch Brotherhood of Darkness by Dr. SM
on YouTube. The point he makes about the guilty parties is very important, I believe. It also saves a great deal
of time thrashing about on the internet looking for tenuous links.

To cut a long story short and the list of guilty parties
is very long. To those wondering who they are, here’s a very short summary:

The illuminati with the Rothschild’s as the
spider in the centre of the web, closely followed by the Rockefellers and the other blood-line families of the illuminati.
Presidents and other top-ranking politicians in the US and this country the UK also plus European leaders.
They don’t reach
high office unless they agree with or are paid by the wealthy ruling elite. The Catholics at Vatican level in particular. Rothschild
Zionists a large group inc. those in control of the MSM’s of all western countries. Mossad, CIA our UK secret services. Freemasons, Skull and Bones, the Judiciary. The establishment, I suppose.

In a nutshell the tentacles of the Rothschild’s et al reach everywhere at the highest level. Gordon Logan’s information and
detailed first-hand knowledge confirms this. Unless the head is cut off the snake, nothing will stop them in their pursuit of a
One World Government and all the evils that will come with it. Depopulation on a massive unprecedented scale and a return
to serfdom for those fortunate or unfortunate enough to survive the wars, pestilence, plagues, floods, earthquakes that we can already
see being played out in front of us. No one can say they weren’t warned.




Thank you Tap for your very kind words about my previous email. I appreciate them very much and am chuffed
to have been of some small assistance. It is a subject I care passionately about and if it wasn’t for me finding your
blog site just over a year ago now, I would still be groping about in the dark wondering why this world is being run in such
a seemingly daft way.

I wouldn’t disagree with Sean 73’s comments about the BoE and the Fed. But it was of course Meyer Amschell Rothschild
who first hit upon this wizard idea of making money out of thin air and then sending his sons to different European cities to do the
same there. First enslaving people in debt. And later on of course entire countries were enslaved in unrepayable debt. No doubt
emboldened by the power it gave them they just got worse and worse. To put it mildly.

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2 Responses to “Gillian Sorts The One World Government Wheat From The Chaff”

  1. Sean73 says:

    Hi Gillian ,

    I think the Biggest story and where it all starts is with the BOE – who cares if it was nationalised in 1946 – all that means is that they got away with a monumental scam – collecting a value equivalent to all the money in circulation every few years. Then replicating the scam with the various other central banks when opportune allowed. Its very telling to point out that the Fed and IRS are private companies – this is something real and present – and not a conspiracy theory to be trivialised.

    This alone proves that a sea of money so great was collected which now provides all the cover required for the various other efforts . But I agree that the OWG theories are blown off course so easily – with so much other crap that it is too hard to follow or even take seriously . Its no wonder the real message is forgotten.


  2. Sean73 says:

    Sorry I meant to say that they got away with the scam for 250 years – so who cares if they had to give it up in 1946 – it didnt much matter – and the goverment debt at that time was owned by Big Funds and other Central banks – so the interest payments were still flowing to the same groups as a pool of money that big had to go into Funds and other banks.

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