Fulford: Gaddafi Was Lifted By The Rothschilds

Ben Fulford’s giving out info again. He denies Tokyo is affected by nuclear contamination because there is no reading on his Geiger counter, and other peoples’ Geiger counters. Yet as scientists explain, caesium 134 and 137 don’t give any reading on Geiger counters, and that is the contaminant affecting Japanese children in Tokyo. So I am not so convinced by that part of his presentation to this New Zealand alternative radio.

The War On Terror is a war for Middle Eastern oil.

Kennedy assassination is explained in terms of robbing funds from the non-aligned movement, creating mirror accounts, involving Henry Kissinger. The financial system is based on fraud at the very top.

Fulford doesn’t think gold-backed financial systems are perfect, but at least they have some substance in the real world.

He claims WW2 was about seizing gold from various countries around the world.

DUMBS. Two earthquakes, Colorado and near Virginia. Epicenters corresponded with known underground bases. Seismograph shows a sudden shake, which is associated with nuclear explosions. Two nuclear weapons which were going to be used in a false flag terror attack, were stolen by the White Hats. They blew up underground warehouses, blowing up 13 underground bases.

The last underground base available is a big one in Norway.

The plans to increase terror by the New World Order/the Fascists (bushes, Kissinger, the Royal families of Europe) – Anglo-German and partly American, with influence across countries, but not from any actual countries, come up against resistance from the US military.

These people are going to taken down, not assassination, but arrest, handcuffs, criminal trials. Justice Roberts from the Supreme Court has to be removed….etc etc. This is coming. These people are unable to be trusted.

I have had six assassination attempts. My colleagues are told I’m crazy, I’m on drugs, female spies come to seduce me. You have to live like a monk if you want to deal with these people. Womanisers get entrapped, such as Strauss Khan, who wanted to act against the cabal.

The people must be arrested. The fraud must be expunged. The system then must be rebooted. Different groups are able to issue dollars and land them in the financial system. It will hard to find all the people who have codes to issue money.

The Pentagon, the Russian and Chinese military all agree they are not going to get involved in World War Three. That means the cabal will not be able to hold onto their power.

(The New Zealand PM is a crook. Arrest him)

The system is falling apart but it’s only fallen apart by 30% so far. It must fall apart by 70% more yet. What matters is food, water. How will you eat if the supermarkets are empty. You need sacks of rice, bags of beans to survive the meltdown when it comes.

These people are not going to go quietly into the night. They will try to bring the system down.

Libya was ‘kill them to save them’. We have to steal their oil to save them. There are five African countries they’re going after. They’re trying to get control again over Africa. They are not going to be able to pull this off. The Pentagon was not involved in the Libyan campaign. It was the Bush controlled part of the CIA. The actual forces being used were British, French, Italian special forces and air forces.

The CIA is two CIAs. One was based on the Gestapo, the others are patriots descending from the OSS at Langley. The drug dealing terrorists are the problem, the modern day SS, a unique military force,not under the control of the traditional military, financedby fiat dollars.

If we cut off their dollars,these forces would not fight as they are mercenaries. Lots of their accounts have been frozen. The BIS are cutting off these people. Many of the traditional royal families are also willing to help cut these people off. The Rothschilds are trying to cut a deal. IT’s down to a hardcore group.
The people that we are dealing with include Emamanuel, Netanyahu, Heinz Kissinger, Bush.

The publicly executed Gaddafi to try to recreate terror. Some journalists say that it wasn’t Gaddafi.

I heard from a Rothschild’s family source that the Gaddafi death was faked, that Gaddafi was smuggled out, that he’s had plastic surgery, as long as he signed over the gold and the oil.

(Funnily enough that’s what I wrote on The Tap at the time, but under intense criticsm I deleted it).

EURO – there’s no way they can save that currency. The real debts are with Spain, Italy, Portugal and the five Baltics. There are two many dominoes waiting to fall. They need something to facilitate trade, which is solid, and the financial system based on virtual money, not real money, is the problem.

Money needs to based on something. Otherwise it’s an illusion.

Fiat currency facilitates trade whereas gold is hard to interpret. The problem is not fiat currency, says interviewer.

But Fulford says that a world trading system or currency has to backed by something. It might be basket of commodities. It needs working on.

The old system needs to fall apart before the people in control are willing to hand over power. Things are going to get worse before they get better. Living standards are going to have to fall to get back to reality. If Greece would get off the Euro, which would be a great thing for Greece. Chinese TVs will cost twice as much as now. Greek hotels will fill with customers, as will Greek restaurants. Greece will benefit from having a currency that represents their reality. It’s like an alcoholic coming off drink. There will be withdrawal symptoms.

Getting on the road to health.

More mischief is coming – Zaire, Uganda, Kurdistan maybe.

Turkish, Egyptian alliance coming against Israel. The factions are going to make their big push. They are religious fanatics. The Rothschilds are manipulating people into thinking they are doing God’s work – in killing 90% of the world,and enslaving the 10%. They are fanatics.

Once the old world, the world of war ends, the release of technology will be phenomenal. The secret control by a satan-worshiping Royal elite will give way to good people who want to create great outcomes for humanity.

Interviewer – what would a zero gravity nightclub be like?

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