Britain’s HAARP Base Revealed

Menwith Hill near Harrogate is never mentioned in the media. It is a huge installation with the usual large golf ball array, as seen in various HAARP bases around the world.

Here is an earlier post which has links explaining how HAARP is a worldwide monitoring network as well as an ionosphere and magnetosphere interference and manipulation device. HAARP has eyes and tentacles as well as a deadly sting.

>Here are some of the uses to which HAARP has been put

On July 18 1977 the US became covert partners giving the operation the codename ‘Woodpecker’ because this was the sound picked up on Radio Ham sets. The Laurence Livermore Lab in the US was the main body involved in the HAARP project. She states the British Crown is more secretly involved and the ultimate benefactor of the weapon, and that there are five other countries involved in the weapon. Leuren speaks of Dr Edward Teller the Hungarian sociopath who was very involved in nuclear weapons creation and HAARP and Nelson Rockefeller’s involvement, with Rockefeller ultimately responsible for privatising and hijacking the project through three government committees in Congress, and that this whole operation is based on Tesla science.

Leuren says the Russians have the most, one near Moscow; one in the Ukraine [makes a mockery of Ukraine’s defiance because with HAARP in the Ukraine …Ukraine belongs to Russia], and around five more.

The technology is also used to find minerals and oil to which I would cite the very foundation of the Project For The New American Century among others.

Leuren also pinpoints the first sighting of ‘rogue’ waves [Ocean waves] to January 1 1995 when HAARP was switched on, when a 90 foot wave in the North sea hit an oil platform, and again later in 95 when a wave hit the Queen Elizabeth II liner again in the North Sea. So we can now better understand why they built the Thames barrier and want a bigger one, their new toy will smash London, what a good counterbalance I say…
HAARP can trigger tectonic events by choosing the Earthquake fault zones and targeting the weapon directly on the fault lines, which creates some strange visual effects in the atmosphere before the quake strikes.

HAARP can amplify Hurricanes by heating the surface of the water and pulling the Hurricane over the warm water thus increasing the strength of the Hurricane.
The economic applications of HAARP shows itself in mining, Oil exploratioin, and the ability to determine farm yields
by determining who gets flooded, quaked of hurricaned, so a great economic tool for speculation for the international banking families who control HAARP such as the Warbergs, Bronfmans and the Rothschilds, with Alfred claiming the Rothschild’s to be worth around $100 trillion…”at least” says Leuren, which equates to the House of Windsor having this figure through its ownership of the Inner City Of London. The Inner City cartel also controls 80% of the world’s Uranium, with the Rothschild’s controlling the supply and prices, and of course the African colonies rich in minerals, and Canada, the Queen ultimately has the greatest wealth in this banking cartel, especially so when you add the global food cartel to the Windsor’s portfolio. Tibet also has big Uranium deposits, and to cover their real agenda, the banking cartel used the smokescreen ensuring everyone was afraid of Russia getting hold of the Uranium when all along through Averill Harriman and Harry Hopkins the cartel had actually supplied the Soviet’s with nuclear technology and plutonium to create the massive war economy, the cold war created. So ultimately the House of Windsor created the whole situation by having all the high ranking people believing they must fear Soviet Russia when the cartel controlled Soviet Russia and still do today.

Therefore trapping the US and the world economies to build the war machine or their economies would collapse, because of course to borrow from the IMF-World Bank one had to do as they dictated and only made monies available on the back of a great weapons manufacture programmes, or to set aside a percentage of their loan for weapons purchase from UK arms manufacturers. Of course the IMF and World Bank are yet another smokescreen to hide the Inner City of London banking cartel. This was played against South Africa under Mandala who almost as soon as he got his puppet position spent £5 billion on British weapons and expertise, this again has been played across Africa and the real reason there are so many weapons in a country that was happy to keep a simple spear and bow.

Leuren goes on to speak about the massive amount of Uranium in Afghanistan, that while the Russians occupied Afghanistan they removed a whole mountain and shipped it back to Russia, so the Russia Afghan war also served as the cover or smokescreen for the Inner City cartels rape of Afghan Uranium and worst still throws yet another reason for the 911 false flag event as a means for land and mineral grab.
Bill Clinton made $33.6 million for arranging a meet with president of Kazakhstan.
Over 200 large cargo ships have disappeared in the last ten years, many known to be victims of ‘rogue waves’, which do not make scientific sense.

In greater depth Leuren explores the economic consequences of the Kobe Earthquake which has some surprising links. It cost Japan 200 billion yen for the damages, which at the time was 2.1% of Japan’s GDP, 4000 dead. It also had an effect on the collapse of Barings bank which has yet another revealing twist…Queen Elizabeth II owned Barings bank so unlike Leuren who feels there is a bit of tension between George Bush and the Queen, I would go with strategy, which means we have yet to unravel it.

Leuren states Singapore to be the CIA base for the takeover of South East Asia, with Malaysian links.

I do disagree with her points on Sumatra, because the evidence once again for the civil wars there, lands at the feet of western intelligence, so they were keeping everyone else out.
Leuren also talks of pulse weapons being used to sink ships around Sumatra.


HAARP can render inoperative the magnetosphere which protects the earth from solar radiation events. This could be done when the sun is at a maximum, melting every electrical component on the planet, causing a new dark age. The elites will be safely underground by then in the DUMBs.

Gordon Logan

Hi Tap,

I’m finding out some new things about HAARP. Fulford called for the USAF to bomb the power supply cables of the HAARP installations because of their use as an earthquake weapon. He didn’t know that HAARP is also going to be used to knock out the magnetosphere in 2013 and the world’s electrical supplies. The aim is mass depopulation in a period of sustained chaos that has already begun with the financial shakedown.

The facilities can’t have an external electrical supply because that would get knocked out as soon as the magnetosphere is affected. The faciliities would effectively deprive themselves of their own power supply as the sun’s high energy particles heated the conductors. So I checked today and sure enough I found that Gakona has no overhead power cables and it can’t have underground ones because it’s lost in virgin forests. The power supply is a mystery.

One way or another, the Chinese government is expecting a global power outage lasting up to three and a half years. Similar predictions are coming from serious sources in the States. I might add that my communications on the subject were intercepted by the Chinese and they concluded that they were ‘very important’. So something’s up.

TAP – it’s odd that the period is clearly defined to three and a half years. That sounds like the period the elites will stay underground and emerge after, hoping the rest of humanity is dead.


HAARP The Most Powerful Killing Machine In History

Every day we receive comments at The Tap, and these are often of great quality and provide good links to important information. This one gives no links to the work of anyone else. It reads as if its writer has given much thought over many years, and has finally joined up the dots, as it were.

From Legion.

It is hard believe that a repeated ‘truth’ is a lie, especially when it has been embedded in our Hollywood version of history.

Some teachers have the courage to insinuate the truth beyond the marxist dogma they are forced to feed children.

It is interesting to hear the speeches of Hitler on You tube and understandable that the zionists do not want the undoubted deaths of hundreds of thousands of jews set in context. I am almost 50 and have only recently been able to accept that The German people did not want to fight the World, and at first wanted a nation for and on their behalf, but were driven inexorably into total war or total destruction.

They were in fact fighting on behalf of our rapidly disappearing Western Christian society, which the British people were duped then and now into wilfully fighting to destroy.

It is a tragic irony that the courage, skill, determination to fight their ‘enemy’ was so effective. As my parents and grandparents fought in the war and suffered at the hands of the Germans it is difficult to re assess the validity of the argument of the German Nation without seeming to disrespect our own position and services.

However if one looks at our society now, and wonders what would have been the position if we had sided with Hitler to protect our way of life and our strong and productive debt free nations……..


I remember hearing the voice of a British veteran talking of the moment he had just fought his way ashore on D Day, and his shock as he observed the belts of the dead German soldiers, with their metal emblem – Gott Mit Uns. Up until that moment he had been totally convinced that God was fighting on his side.

Elsewhere Dr Monteith states that the Nazis killed millions of Christians as well as Jews. Yet only the Jews are mentioned as the victims of the holocaust. Hitler’s record as a supporter of Christianity is at best mixed.

When I was on business in Germany in the 1970s, I met an old German soldier who told me my country was fighting on the wrong side. I was curious but not convinced. Another German veteran told me that I would never understand war until I had experienced propaganda. At that moment I didn’t know that I had already been fed a large quantity of propaganda about WW2. I do now.

As Legion says, only now can we start to see the events that happened for what they really were, the world’s elite orchestrating wars into being to bring about the subjugation of all of our countries, and their continuing control over all that we are.

Germany, Britain and America were all victims of the war-organisers, as are Iraqis, Libyans, Afghans, Pakistanis and so on to this day. Only the elites and the ultra ambitious want war, in order to increase their power over humanity. No ordinary human beings ever want war.

War is now changing.

Nuclear weapons are mere pea shooters compared to the power of tectonic weaponry, the use of HAARP to direct extreme weather and cause earthquakes. The next manifestation of this new horrific power will be the use of HAARP to disable the magnetosphere, allowing solar radiation to cripple every electrical device in its path. If the sun’s solar radiation hits a ‘maximum’ as is expected in the Spring of 2013, and the magnetosphere is disabled to allow the radiation through, the modern world will be destroyed not over five long years of war, but in a day.

The same people who used human armies to wreak destruction, now intend to use technology alone to destroy their targets, those parts of the planet they fear might overturn their authority and control. They have underground bases where they can survive for years, with independent water supply and hydroponic food production, hidden from the havoc they intend to bring about on the earth’s surface.

There is little doubt that their primary target is the United States. Only in that country can they ever be stopped. If they destroy the American people, they can take out other nations at their leisure. That’s why HAARP is directing hurricanes to devastate American cities, and earthquakes are being readied, which will cause major volcanic events. Dutchsinse was unwittingly exposing these plans before he was silenced.

The work of WW2, the destruction of nations, the killing of millions or the intended billions is not over yet. Nuclear fallout is spreading all over the Eastern USA from Fukushima. The Gulf deep-sea oil well and its chemical sprays are poisoning millions on the Caribbean coast. Hurricanes and floods are destroying the lives of New York Staters, wile Texans see their homes burning to the ground by the hundred in the ‘Wild Fires’, with no obvious cause.

The teachers have a lot more to teach if they dare, and if they really want to help their kids. But they will be very brave and perceptive teachers indeed, given the level of social control in the period leading up to the day they launch their main attack on the United States population.

The main difference between WW2 and today is that then war was declared. Now it is being prosecuted from behind a curtain, in secret, in denial. Anyone who allows themselves to imagine the events they are hearing about to be real or connected up, has to pinch themselves. If this is all true, then why is nothing about HAARP ever mentioned on the news? The fact that it isn’t is the giveaway.

HAARP exists, but it wouldn’t exist if people understood what it it’s for – our destruction at the hands of the world’s elite. It is the most powerful weapon system ever devised throughout history. By the time its works are understood, it could have switched off the whole of North America, and killed more people in a few seconds, than all previous weapon systems throughout history combined.

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  1. Me says:

    Here’s a ground level shot from google street view

  2. Woodsy42 says:

    The cnd have been onto this base for a while.
    It’s generally reckoned to be a radio listening post and monitor station for email and electronic communication, supposedly it has one of the biggest and best internet connection capabilities in the UK.
    It would make sense that other covert operations were centered there too.

  3. Tapestry says:

    does cnd oppose HAARP?

    nice pics, me. that’s a defended site.

  4. Tapestry says:

    I doubt if Menwith Hill is a HAARP facility. There would need to be far more radomes. HAARP phased arrays are far more numerous than radar arrays because HAARP is a very high powered brute force broadcasting device. The energy input is far bigger and the arrays don’t need protection. Radar arrays have sensitive receivers that presumably benefit from radome protection. I believe that the British use Tromso in Norway, which looks similar to Gakona in Alaska. Sura in Russia looks the same. I have an accurate map of the HAARP facilities that I will send you. It is an official one from Stanford University.

  5. Tapestry says:

    We saw how Maquarie Island is a HAARP relevant site, which only has golf balls.

    maybe there are sites that send the surge of power up to the ionosphere, and sites which measure and direct the energy.

  6. skem says:

    Sorry for the multi posts…(new at this) but the first link didn’t work…hence the above.

    ps. I love this blog…keep on tapping!! 🙂

  7. Tapestry says:

    Don’t worry Skem, your message got through. Great link.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Keep On Tapping…

    That a new one!

  9. john mista says:

    really i Love this blog!
    Great link skem, thanks for sharing. thank you very much 🙂

  10. Anonymous says:

    golf balls are to do with weather engineering but don’t know if they are part of the hAARp system

  11. Anonymous says:

    New nexrad Doppler radar does more efficiently and less visibly more than conventional haarp ever did. It’s why the USA freely gave the tech to Europe. Google nexrad.

  12. Anonymous says:

    missing Berlin former Airfield THF with its longwave antenna in the map.

  13. Paul M says:

    Why are you lying RAF Menwith Hill is a radar installation using the old type radomes. It’s not a secret, and there’s been plenty of media coverage over the years.

    This is not a “HAARP base”, regardless of what you say. I know because I spent a short while based there. And no, I’m not some kind of disinfo shill, before you say so.

    You’ve literally just made this up.

    It’s this kind of dishonesty and sensationalism that get us a bad name, and hinder us trying to get the truth out about REAL conspiracies.

    But I see you moderate comments, so you’ll suppress the truth anyway. If you don’t care to publish this, please let me know why:

  14. Tapestry says:

    The media always tells the whole truth about military installations, as we know.

  15. Tim Smart says:

    It’s all bit wishy washy and based on speculation. Haarp is real but I doubt the claims of depopulisation as it’s purpose.

  16. I just went around RAF Menwith hill (HAARP UK) on street view. Interesting place, Contractors entrance is all but deserted of contractors and the further down the road I found this. Note the two guard huts in white camoflage in a bid to blend in.

    I shall be keeping an eye open.,-1.695124,386m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

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