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UN chief Ban Ki-moon visited Wednesday (a year ago) a vault carved into the Arctic permafrost, filled with samples of the world’s most important seeds in case food crops are wiped out by a catastrophe.

“The world faces many daunting challenges today, one of the greatest of which is how to feed a growing population in the context of climate change,” a bundled-up Ban told reporters after he toured the site in the Svalbard archipelago some 1,200 kilometres (745 miles) from the North Pole.

“The seeds stored here in Svalbard will help us do just that. Sustainable food production may not begin in this cold Arctic environment, but it does begin by conserving crop diversity,” he said.

Aimed at safeguarding biodiversity in the face of climate change, wars and other natural and man-made disasters, the seed bank has the capacity to hold up to 4.5 million batches of seeds, or twice the number of crop varieties believed to exist in the world today.

The vault was inaugurated in February 2008, and so far some 25 international and national institutes from 22 countries have deposited some 400,000 batches, according to the Norwegian government.

Overlooking a fjord, the vault forms a long trident-shaped tunnel bored deep into the Svalbard sandstone and limestone.

Metal shelves lining three cold chambers will eventually be stacked with airtight bags filled with seed samples.

After passing through an airlock designed to keep temperatures inside the main vault at minus 18 degrees Celsius (minus 0.4 Fahrenheit), Ban looked on with interest as he was shown plastic boxes filled with samples.

“This site, collated by all the countries, is really creative. I’m inspired by this vision to sustain the world in the future,” he said.

He seemed also taken with the chilly temperature in the vault.

“It’s very cold, even colder than the Arctic. My lips are frozen.”

From AnonymousA Russian? video describing a covert underground war to go with the covert environmental war ongoing above ground. The noise of huge underground explosions which triggered earthquakes was captured on video, at a ball game on the East side of the USA, and in the mountains of Colorado. There are various versions as to what is going on here, to be found on the net. This video gives a few clues.

Gillian writes about Hitler

I quite liked and agreed with some of what Gordon Logan had to say about Hitler. Whether he, Hitler,

was a British spy or not I’ve no idea.
But, I do know from little bits of info. that my late father came out with that Hitler was confident that the Brits. would not stand in his way and were more or less with him on his quest. My late father worked closely with a fleet street baron in the 1930’s and the press knew what was going on.

But were not of course allowed to print any of it. Hitler never had any intention of invading Briton. He believed we were on the same side and was shocked when we declared war on him when he went into Poland. Churchill was defininately no patsy, as someone wrote in the comments. He was a high ranking member of the elite, obviously! Look at his family tree!

Many comments were about aliens, a subject I know nothing about. This from anonymous.

In your suggested Dutchsinse Project Camelot video, the lady clearly told that there are real aliens. They are watching us. There is war between those real aliens and Illuminati. Please listen between 3:00 to 3:30 in that video. Thank you. Actually I love your site very much. I am checking almost every day. It sounds crazy, but those aliens love you, too.

MORE LATER IN DAY. I need a different PC to download a PDF sent in by a reader.

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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    The Chinese have informed the general public in a rather understated documentary about the April 2013 Carrington event. They were quite explicit about an absence of electricity for a long time. If Cameron had accepted the gold from Foundation X, we could have done something about it. The British political problem in a nutshell is that the real government is the City of London, which uses high ranking civil servants to communicate its will. Since the secret government is secret there is sometimes a disconnect with the government of the day. During the war, Victor Rothschild was at Churchill’s elbow, so communication was perfect. As Fulford said, what is needed is for somebody (the USAF would be best placed) to bomb the HAARP facilities. That will ensure that the magnetosphere isn’t damaged.

  2. Me says:

    It’s strange how all these news appears to be piecing together a jigsaw!!

    Would the Chinese bomb the US HAARP facilities? Or perhaps this is merely a threat in exchange for the Chinese elite getting more goodies for themselves.

  3. Me says:

    a response to the dutchsinse debacle

    he has even banned my youtube account – and I pretty much never post on youtube – for asking why he did an interview for project camelot.

    the most startling apparent change of view is he now doesn’t believe in a NWO… thinks it is something that always being made but never finished, so it doesn’t exist. a definition which is true according to your definition of a NWO, and a cop out, because it means he can always deny its importance. no need to resist something that will never happen.

    Alex Jones says a group is attempting to steer the world. this is a good definition. he doesn’t claim a world government exists but does grasp the idea there are groups trying to bring it about and we must resist.

    so it seems to me that dutchsinse has sold out/or otherwise decided to change his opinion. soon he’s going to be featured on an episode of the Discovery channel. perhaps he’s doing some “house cleaning” in hopes of attracting a larger audience of sheeple.

  4. Tapestry says:

    I was curious about Dutchsinse’s apparent lack of emotion or shock when his best friend was shot. It was odd that he didn’t have a webcam when interviewed by Project Camelot.

    Maybe he’s cut a deal to survive.

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