Two Underground Cities Destroyed By Nuclear Explosions Two Weeks Before 911’s Tenth Anniversary

Someone dropped this off in comments, the latest from Benjamin Fulford. It reads like a wish list for the end of the cabal which has secretly ruled the G5 for the last sixty years and more. Who knows if it is all real? It repeats that the most important underground cities in the USA were knocked out using nuclear weapons last month, denying the cabal their underground hideaways, which they plan to use when they cripple the earth’s magnetosphere using HAARP, and fry humanity during the sun’s next maximum in Spring 2013. The details of this plan were reported to The Tap by Gordon Logan (ex-em-aye-fave).

Benjamin Fulford writes on September 6th 2011 (URL is a comment in Project Avalon) –

The criminal cabal that has seized power in the G5 countries has reacted with new threats of mass terror to the concerted efforts by the nations and people of the world to remove them from power.

The latest threat, made by phone to a White Dragon Society member by some people who hid their identity, was that San Francisco and Damascus would be made “uninhabitable.” In reaction to this, a source contacted the White Dragon Society and promised that the entire extended families of any ruling bloodline found to be participating in genocide would be hunted down and exterminated down to the last individual. The source was not affiliated with the White Dragon Society but, they made it clear they that this threat was to be taken “very seriously.”

The repercussions of the secret late August meeting of financial representatives from 57 nations, meanwhile, continued to be felt last week. The criminal cabal that controls the Federal Reserve Board was engaged in a futile witch hunt trying to find who the participants were and what was discussed at the meeting. They are unlikely to find out much more than has been reported in this newsletter. That is to say White Dragon allies in the pentagon and US and world police agencies have access to the codes for the global collateral accounts. If necessary they will reveal who has accessed the world’s monetary assets for the past 60 years and what they spent that money on.

However, they would rather concentrate on the future and are still open to deals and compromises so long as the bottom line is that a major campaign to end poverty, end war and stop environmental destruction is agreed to. The window of opportunity is fast closing now, and the guiltiest cabal members are probably now certain to face prison time or worse.

There is also a need here to make a correction from last week’s report. It turns out that a representative from Canada (this writer’s native land) was present at the 57-member Monaco meeting. He said Canada is a small country (in terms of population) that has to pretend to go along with whoever is formally in power in the G5 but that the Canadian power structure was full of White Dragon sympathizers.

There has also been more confirmation from CIA and pentagon sources that there was indeed an attack on two major underground facilities controlled by the cabal in the US. The food, gold and weapons depot the cabal had near Washington D.C. was destroyed in an atomic blast, these sources now confirm. The nature of the second attack remains uncertain but two sources say it was the cabal’s underground facilities near Denver, Colorado that were destroyed. The people behind this attack have detailed maps of the US underground base and tunnel network and have promised more attacks if necessary to prevent the planned murder of 85% of humanity.

There are plenty of signs for all to see now that the criminal cabal that controls the G5 countries is on the ropes.

In the US, of course the 10th anniversary of the 911 terror attacks is coming and the perpetrators of this attack know that the world’s governments, military forces and intelligentsia know that it was a high level cabal in the G5 governments that was behind the attack. The perpetrators are now certain to face justice within a year. There is a critical mass of officials within the US military and law-enforcement community that is preparing for a legal takedown of the criminal cabal behind both the 911 attacks and the Kennedy assassination and much more.

In Europe, the signs of imminent collapse of financial control are also becoming impossible to hide. It has got to the point where even Deutschebank CEO Josef Ackerman is saying that many major European banks would become insolvent if they had to mark their sovereign debt to market. In plain English that means they are already bankrupt and are cooking their books. The situation will only get worse over the coming weeks.

In Japan, as well, there is serious intrigue going on under the surface. At present hoodlums associated with the Ministry of Finance are threatening officials of the Bank of Japan and trying to force them to resign. The fight is over which faction in the US battle for power is going to be on the receiving end of the steady supply of yen that is keeping the US economy from imploding. The BOJ is now affiliated with the White Dragon Society and wants the money to flow to white hats within the pentagon.

Recently deposed Prime Minister Naoto Kan as well as senior BOJ and MOF officials all called a White Dragon Society member about this conflict on Monday. The situation may have to be resolved through open gang warfare and a purge of all senior Federal Reserve Board agents from the Japanese power structure.

The cabal is obviously not going to take this sitting down. Their next big geopolitical move, according to CIA and pentagon sources, appears to be to try to provoke a war between Turkey and Israel. This is their latest attempt at a hail Mary pass to get them out of their predicament by starting WW3.

Unfortunately for them, the Israeli people are waking up to the fact they are being used by a criminal cabal. The demonstration of 450,000 people, about 25% of the population, was a clear sign of this.

To put that in perspective, it would be as if 75 million Americans turned out to demonstrate against their government. The complaints of the demonstrators for focused mainly on social justice which, at the end of the day, is what all the complaints against the ruling cabal are centered on.

It is unlikely either the Israelis or the Turks will allow themselves to be manipulated into war. Nor will people in other countries. The people of the planet earth want peace.

Here is Benjamin talking about his recent confrontation with the Yamaguchi Gumi at Kobe.

And here he is explaining how the Japanese gangs changed sides to work against the New World Order. Here is his message of hope that the White Knights from the West, and the White Dragon Society from the East will win power in a coming financial, military and legal confrontation with the NWO –

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, please check the following sites. Do you think a huge quake is coming today???
    Please stay safe. GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT said something will happen around City of London.

  2. georgesilver says:

    White Dragon Society? Benjamin Fulford? Two underground cities destroyed by nuclear explosions?

    This all sounds like a bad second rate feature film made for the video circuit.

    Where’s Bruce Willis?

    This Fulford guy is not for real, is he?

  3. Tapestry says:

    We’ve been following Fulford for quite a while. He predicted the earthquake in Japan, and brought HAARP to our attention.

    He sounds improbable, but he interviewed David Rockefeller in Japan, and appears to be genuine.

    We have no other source for many things that are happening in Japan.

  4. georgesilver says:

    One source in Japan you might have overlooked is the Corbett Report.

    James Corbett operates out of Japan.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Thanks, georgesilver. Do you have a link?

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