Tokyo Residents Are Sinking With Radiation Sickness

Tokyo dust samples measured for Gamma ray activity in Germany. Caesium 134, and Caesium 137 detected. Sample comes from a gutter in Tokyo street, 250 kms away from Fukushima. Caesium migrates to muscle tissue and stays there quite a long time. ‘This stuff is probably all over the place,’ the scientist says. ‘Don’t let children play on grass or in the woods. Beef is highly contaminated in Japan. It’s not possible to decontaminate such large areas. Try not to carry it into your home. A geiger counter is not sensitive enough to pick up small amounts of caesium, but it is bad for your health if you absorb it.’

I also received this email from Susannah today after a brief email correspondence –

Dear Tap,

I will forward the link to the groups and we will see who has the time and will to send information … you may receive articles and links to film shorts … I live in Bristol, if you are in the area we can meet and I can give you a scientific briefing .. for me the radiation facts are the most pertinent as this is ongoing on a scale far in excess of Chernobyl and assimilating rather Hiroshima after Hiroshima …

the population of Tokyo have radiation sickness, nose bleeds, diarrhoea, sickness .. Fukushima is an open festering wound and in the attempt to silence the media there is denial and therefore lack of action to close down and seal the affected reactors and deal with the melt through into the ground below them. Close to a quarter of a million tons of live ‘waste’ from the affected reactors have been hurredly put into storage barrels which are not up to the task and willy nilly dumped over Japan .. this stuff is live ~ a waiting bomb in attendance at the next earthquake or tsunami … facts, figures, videos of Japanese Parents and Scientists, enquiries … all available … all subject to the media muzzle.

This is affecting the whole world and nobody is doing anything about it … overpopulation may be a problem, but this outpouring will destroy our gene pool beyond redemption.
In whose interest is this ?

kind regards,


Anyone in Japan noticing this kind of thing? We get the occasional Japanese reader on The Tap. This sounds like a nightmare of unparalleled proportions.

Lots more stories of nuclear contamination coming from Japan

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  1. Hi Tap and Susannah. Thank you for the compassion for the poor Japanese people who are suffering so much. Those dark cabals think Japanese have value less than animals. They repeatedly attacked Japan with Nukes. The problem is that the air is circulating as long as the Earth is moving. Those dark force people do not have the brain to think about that they have to breathe the same air.
    This is the good time to remove all the Nukes and Nuke energy production for the reaction to these disasters. As long as you have Nuke reactors, you can be the victim like Japanese people. All the clean energy technologies including Telsa technology have been suppressed by these BIG OIL dark force. But the things have started changing. Those suppressed technologies are going to be released as soon as the dark force are subdued. Let’s have hope.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mike Adams and Infowars put a nuclear meltdown angle on a potential Carrington event.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Great links and comment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is much happening not on MSM, My inf. source is to get all the lastest and find the facts !

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