Solar Flares Could Knock Out Nuclear Power Cooling Plants

This clip was dropped off in today’s comments. Mike Adams explains how solar flares could be catastrophic to the nuclear power industry worldwide, causing massive toxic pollution.

Here’s another thing to cheer us all up as we think about turning in for the night. The more these threats like this are known about, and discussed, the more people will demand action be taken.

Keep reading. Keep commenting. Keep talking. That way we might survive.

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  1. Me says:

    I say, the ethnic cleansing of blacks from Libya by the NATO lead “rebels” is still discussed in the present tense it is not proceeding fast enough!

    “The Wall Street Journal reports today that Black people have been emptied from the City of Tawergha in Libya, their homes razed, and that the words “slaves” and “negroes” are scribbled on their abandoned buildings in the now ghost town by the NATO-backed rebels.”

    Great time for David Cameron to visit Libya to crack the whip. Don’t expect the media to report on this humanitarian mission.

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