Media Takes Side Of Paedophiles Against Victims


John Hemming MP had removed the gag so that Vicky Haigh and Doncaster Council could be named………

Being outside UK jurisdiction, I publish

The publication of a ‘statement’ as a virtual press release by Sir Nicholas Wall after the hearing on 22 August 2011 resulted in seriously bad press for Vicky and good press for the father;

He admits to his daughter being abused, but not by him

This produced soooooo many and so negative comments that I stopped enjoying my self-appointed role as web publisher and I set the site to “private”: invited users only

Today Sir Nicholas Wall published one judgment re Vicky Haigh and another one re Elizabeth Watson

Of course, either we or they are ‘right’ and reflecting the truth of the experiences of the little girl.

Watch this space as Vicky will submit the critical evidence to the judge which he’ll want to ignore. He’s set himself up to protect the system of criminals.

Does it have to go on and continue like this, even though the case is now the first one in the public domain?

Does the battle in courts continue as battles between papers or will some journalists be more investigative than others?

Sabine McNeill

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This battle could yet become a first if people stay interested. Women had to fight for their rights a century ago. Children can’t. They depend on adults to grow up and fight for them. Currently the perverts have it all their own way.

Victims Unite

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