Let There Be Light (without electricity)

Nice one.

Self help techniques like this could become useful in advanced economies as the elites continue to mess up power generation and distribution. They will no doubt celebrate the loss of their political power with a cutting off of all the populations currently under their control.

We can ready ourselves by insulating our homes and workplaces against cold and heat, and creating light without electric supply, for example.

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  1. georgesilver says:

    When I saw this I thought fantastic! How do they get light from bleach and water? Must be to do with the galvanised roof. Some clever chemical reaction. So I investigated and found is was just water dissipating the bright Sun-light and the bleach is to stop algae growing. Still I suppose it’s not a bad idea and stops the rain coming in. I can’t help thinking that a piece of Sun-proof corrugated plastic would be more effective. Still, perhaps that’s too expensive.
    Pity I thought this was a break-through.
    Did you know that in Italy they have actually got Cold Fusion to work. They are starting to produce home units that someday soon would mean that you could get off the grid.

    p.s. I’m still waiting for someone to offer me that “Disinfo” job.

  2. Anonymous says:


    If you look at this video moment by moment, you feel many things are not right. At the beginning of the video, the rebel commander looked very relaxed with several guys. If you stop at 0:14, one guy aimed rifle. The commander was looking binocular, and some other guys did not look very much care what was going on and smiling with peace sign. And then suddenly a guy with a pink shirt appeared, waking and waving to somebody. In the middle of fighting, why this guy had to wear a pink shirt looked like he borrowed from his wife. Then suddenly this pink guy looked dead. If you stop at 0:38, you can see a guy with white shirt and another guy with blue shirt did not care very much this condition and just talking a little bit far from this pink guy. A running medic guy with blue uniform started walking toward these two chatting guys. Then CNN reporter and producer ducked and started explaining what was going on. CNN producer was shot, and his sock became pink. But at 1:20, the guy with yellow turban just in front of this CNN reporter started dusting his pants. Can you care dust on your pants when you are under attack? Then they got on the white pickup truck which did not have any bullet holes.
    Once they arrived at somewhere, they started checking producer’s injury. I could not see any pain from his face. When they arrived at a hospital, several medical workers started hugging and weeping. Look at a guy with a white scrub with glasses. After he weeped with some other guys, he came toward the camera and
    tried to suffocate his laugh. While CNN reporter was interviewing a medical worker, another medical worker came and started weeping over his shoulder. Then you can see the guy was making his effort to suffocate his laugh, again. In my conclusion, this CNN fighting video is FAKE!!!

  3. Twig says:

    Have they found a way to tax it yet?

  4. Anonymous says:

    On that CNN video, “Fighting in Libya injures reporter” is completely FAKE! I want you to Look at the end of the conversation between the medical worker and CNN reporter at 3:28. After the medical worker struggled to explain about his friend in English, he asked CNN reporter “I get it right?”. Then CNN reporter showed disapproval about his performance. Now I proved you that this CNN video is FAKE!

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