Is Tapestry Banned On Politicalbetting?

Politicalbetting has brought out new software this week to manage its high volume comments website. Only trouble is my comments don’t make it on any longer. Tapestry has built up quite a following there over many years. I guess it’s all over now.

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5 Responses to “Is Tapestry Banned On Politicalbetting?”

  1. Me says:

    “Berlin police and British consul staff are trying to identify an English-speaking teenager who says he lived in German woods with his father for five years. Photograph: Peter Essick/Aurora/Getty Images
    British consular staff are working with police in Berlin trying to identify an teenager who walked out of a German forest speaking English and knowing only his first name.

    The boy, called Ray, presented himself to the Berlin authorities last week, saying he followed his compass north to reach the city after the death of his father with whom he had roamed through the woods for about five years.”

    What does one make of a story like this?

    It hardly sounds credible that two people can live in the woods for five years – presumably with no money, clothing, out-side help through continental European winters – but because it’s printed in a major media outlet we’re supposed to take it seriously.

    Could this be, like a bubble at the surface of lake, evidence of something concealed beneath the surface?

    Perhaps the boy’s father was part of the criminal underworld and this is the cover story for the boy himself – who escape something – getting out of it. The boy’s father could be an intelligence operative who has decided to fake a disappearance. The boy have previously been involved in something himself and this is a way to get him a new identity – assuming they don’t discover who he really is (they can’t at the moment). These ideas seem more likely than the official tale.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It must be true. I saw it in the papers.

  3. Me says:

    This is scary. the guy was obviously a jerk but the agenda is clear.

  4. Tapestry says:

    They are trying to find a way to close us all down. Make the most of it while we can still talk to each other.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I’m able to comment on PB this morning using Twitter ID. The picture looks a bit odd in miniature though. It’s the old one I had on The Tap for two years with my hand on my hat as the wind batters me and a large wave approaches from behind. In miniature, though, the top of the wave looks like a large jet of white liquid, and my left hand looks as if it’s holding the jet! I’ve updated my profile picture to match the current one on the blog.

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