House Fire. CNN Reporters Miss The Real Story

So far there have been nearly 800 such ‘wildfires’. Media reports quote government blaming residents for careless preparation against fire hazard. But how come only the houses are burned and nothing else? There is no fireblack even on the remaining brickwork. It looks more like a bomb strike

A comment comes in asking us to look at this. How can a house be burned to nothingness with all the trees green and intact alongside and around, the garden green and no blacking of the plants and so on?

Most odd.

What caused such a fire?

The flame shot up from the canyon below travelling at incredible speed, and they got out in time.

The commenter thinks the scene looks odd. I agree.


Hi Tap, Again, this is not your topic, but I really wanted to let you know. CNN video “With home now nothing but ashes, Texas family vows to rebuild” By Rich Phillips, CNN September 7, 2011 8:25 a.m. EDT
In this video, I found very strange scenes. When the home owner came to see her house, she found two small oak trees just in front of her house were intact with beautiful green leaves. Her house was completely burned down to the ground. Nothing left around her house. But still her lawn was beautifully green, too. CNN reporter showed the direction the fire came. He said the fire cross the highway which was a quarter mile away from her house. I could not see anything burned between highway and her house. All the trees and weeds were green. Even two wooden chairs were intact. I want you to check this CNN video to see this is normal. I feel this fire was manipulated, and the burned places were selected rather than random. Thank you.

TAP – It looks like the fires could be grass fires more than forest fires. The houses explode on the inside from the intense heat according to this report, it is stated. Yet……

… is there invariably no fire black on the remaining bricks? Is there someone out there who can explain what kind of fire has no blacking effect?

This next video which is not embeddable shows the actual fires burning destroying houses at random, with some burning or burnt while others are untouched right next door. The plants are all green, as in other videos and garden furniture at the burned houses is untouched in the yards. One house is smoking from the inside with no fire around at all, and no flames visible. It is the oddest scene and nothing like a forest fire. As the video says, shot by a resident,

“There’s Nothing Left of These Houses:” and at the end, ‘I’m getting outta here’ – even though his own house was under threat, which he could have tried to save but preferred not even to try. He seemed to know his life would be at risk if he went inside his own house. In normal forest fires you can save a house by using water from a bucket and a bath (tub) full of water.

COMMENT – At 00:40, there were the exact same two wooden red chairs as the CNN video on this page “Wildfire victim returns to what was home” at 01:30. Is this just the co-incidence? Or…?

TAP – There is enough weird evidence that these fires are not normal without the chairs being needed to add drama. People do buy the same stuff!

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13 Responses to “House Fire. CNN Reporters Miss The Real Story”

  1. Me says:

    In wildfires houses are often set alight with a spark. That is why it is good practice to water the roofs and take other preventative actions. The house didn’t have to be physically connected to a line of fire to catch alight.

    Green grass and green leaves are green because they have been watered, which makes them less likely to catch fire than anything that is brown and dry. The base of one of the trees at 1:01 looks charred and white with ash but the leaves above it are green.

    The prevailing wind may also have been blowing away from the trees by the road at the front of the house. At 1:10 there look to be a line of black, burned-out trees toward the back of the house, and then you see the swimming pool and burned trees around that.

    Nothing particularly strange in my opinion.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Fires don’t move without fuel. As that burns it blackens everything. The path the fire was supposed to have taken was not blackened. I remember seeing the pictures of Australian fires. I’ve even been close to one many years ago.

    Sure a house can burn down from a spark, but the interviewee was talking about legging it in front a barrage of flame half a mile away.

    there’s a mismatch between what she describes and what we saw.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It might have been a razor beam attack from the sky! If you believe HAARP, you know it is possible.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Even the remaining brickwork has no fire black.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Today I looked more videos on CNN. Another video showed their house was burned down, but their trees and a big wooden cross on their yard was intact. CNN reporter said that the unburned wooden cross was a miracle. There were some other videos showed again only houses were burning in the middle of the trees. It looked really creepy. I saw so many religious fanatics commented this is the punishment for Texan from God. The same kind of people who were so glad that so many Japanese people were killed in 3/11. They are behind all these disasters. In the middle age, they killed none christians one by one. Now it looks like they have high tech killing machines.

  6. Tapestry says:

    No link? Mmmmmm. Not sure about that one!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    CNN Link is The last video almost the bottom of the page. “Coming home after fire strikes.” At 00:33, you can see unscorched bricks and a tree. At the end of the video, you can see the unscorched big wooden cross on their yard.

  8. Tapestry says:

    I apologise for the scepticism. Thanks.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The title of CNN video ‘There’s nothing left of these houses’

    CNN|Added on September 5, 2011
    A Texas resident captures video of his neighbors’ homes burning to the ground in Steiner Ranch.

    I feel this video is really creepy.
    On CNN comment page, one disinfo agnet intimidated me to put me into this Steiner Ranch. Steiner Ranch is a kind of FEMA Camp?

  10. Anonymous says:

    In this CNN video ‘There’s nothing left of these houses’, at 00:40, there were two red wooden chairs. Were they the same two red wooden chairs on the CNN video about the home owner returning her home???

  11. Anonymous says:

    CNN video “There’s Nothing Left of These Houses:” Fierce Texas wildfire destroys 300 homes
    At 00:40, there were the exact the same two wooden red chairs as the CNN video on this page “Wildfire victim returns to what was home” at 01:30. Is this just the co-incidence? Or…?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Another CNN video showed that the fire stopped because of the statue of Virgin Marry. Do you remember the last time I showed you another CNN Texan wild fire video showed that their house had gone but ONLY their big wooden cross was intact. This CNN really wants to push it’s Christian religious propaganda. It is really disgusting. I feel most of CNN reports and videoes are FAKE and PROPAGANDA!I don’t see very much difference from FOX JOKES.

  13. W. Home says:

    Fire is inevitable. But there are certain things to at least lessen the chance to get one. Still, the safety of everyone is what matters.

    texas mce

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