Slowing Gulf Stream Spells Big Freeze This Winter


All the main media channels says is that the Gulf Stream is no different to what it was. My observation of the moving charts from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution tell a different story.

I watched the gulf stream moving chart starting in 2003, and at that time, the chart showed the first section of the gulf stream moving strongly and straight, as it passes the east coast of Florida staying in a straight line, coloured red or white, meaning moving fast, until it was past a point due south of the southern tip of Nova Scotia.

After that point, the warm waters from the Gulf of Mexico, in 2003-2009 started snaking and slowing as they move eastwards, but the eastern Atlantic clearly shows the stream is still basically intact as it spreads out.

The charts with the options given. You can watch 2003 onwards. Compare that chart to the last 26 weeks and see the difference. The stream used to head strongly to at least a point due south of the southernmost tip of Nova Scotia and then start snaking but was clearly still intact. The snaking today starts further west, and by the time the stream is in mid Atlantic, its power is diffusing rather than driving north up to northern europe as it used to do.

The same display, but taking images from the last 26 weeks shows that the gulf stream as before moves in red (1.6 knots) or white (2 knots) and in a straight line up the US eastern coast, but as soon as it moves away from the coast, the line cracks and starts to snake. It starts snaking a noticeable amount earlier than it used to do, noticeably further east than the line due south of the tip of Nova Scotia, and is not moving east from there as strongly as it did in 2003. The snaking continues in the eastern Atlantic, but often looks weaker and more patchy, with not much discernible push.

The slowing of the gulf stream is visible.

It would account for the lack of rain we have experienced this summer. It also means we could well freeze up heavily this winter. The oil catastrophe in the Gulf, which many believe was a deliberate act to stop Gulf Stream flow, still goes on. The wellhead was never capped as it never could reliably be at such a depth. The sea is filled with chemicals and crude oil, which are possibly reducing the thrust of the Gulf Stream.

This, if true, will have catastrophic weather consequences in northern Europe in all seasons, where tens of thousands will die of cold in winter, and where food will be harder to grow in drought-like summers.

The population planners have hit on another ingenious device to accelerate the demise of humanity. Get your logs and coal supplies in. Oil and gas will no doubt be cut off at the critical moment in the coldest winter to help the depopulation campaign. Start collecting your rain water, while you still can. In the US the collection of rain water is now illegal.

ME adds –

Look at the current SSTA chart (sea surface temp anomaly) shows cooling in the North Atlantic around UK

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5 Responses to “Slowing Gulf Stream Spells Big Freeze This Winter”

  1. caw rock says:

    Living in Scotland: there is definitly change upon us.

    But, what do you mean… “in the US this is now illegal”?

  2. Tapestry says:

    collecting and retaining your own rain water is illegal in the USA. Or maybe parts of..

    It’s on youtube. It’s on the blog too.

  3. Me says:

    Good spot.

    This is probably cyclical and reflects changes in the NAO index.

    Who knows what drives what though?

    NAO has since 1970 been in mostly positive phase. This has pushed warm waters into the North Atlantic and helped melt sea ice and icecaps around Greenland.

    A change to -ve NAO – which we have seen last couple of winters – would have the opposite effect.

    Look at the current SSTA chart (sea surface temp anomaly) shows cooling in the North Atlantic around UK

  4. Twig says:

    Who told you that Americans are not allowed to collect rainwater?

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