Gordon Logan Sends Tap Traffic Skywards

Gordon Logan and his daughter, now able to return to Britain. Maybe his writing in The Tap helped him to get the vital visa.

September’s been a bumper month on The Tap Blog with 48,000 page downloads up from 30,000 in recent months. To that should be added the 50,000 page downloads received by just two Tap posts uploaded onto American website www.beforeitsnews.com, and from there the posts went far and wide, being copied by yet more websites, such as ‘We The People’.

Here is the link to the second more recent post that topped the popularity list on beforeitsnews for three days.

Much of the material that pulled these readers came from Gordon Logan, ex-MI5 spy, and partly from ‘Me’, our perennial commenter. Gordon Logan’s gone quietish at the moment, as he’s overjoyed with the breakthrough in his quest to get his wife a British visa, which he’s been attempting to do for two and a half years. He says the Embassy actually contacted him to ask him to send his wife’s passport into them! He must be looking forward to getting his family over to the UK and being back with his mother. Very well deserved, in my opinion. They had no right to refuse him a visa in the first place.

I hope Gordon is able to keep us informed about the underground attacks on the DUMBS, and on the latest threats from HAARP, and especially his prediction that HAARP will be used to disable the magnetosphere during intense solar flares in Spring 2013 to cripple the world’s electrical supply. Only by exposing the right threats, and not the false ones, can people be prepared for what our charming ‘masters’ want us all to endure.

world map of HAARP – missing a few outliers such as Macquarie Island, but giving the main locations

Maybe a few more of us can survive if we know what these maniacal fools are up to. Meanwhile we look forward to welcoming Gordon home to the UK as soon as the Embassy can process his wife’s passport.

The USGS map showing the epicentre of the ‘earthquake’ which was in fact a nuclear explosion, destroying CIA underground facilities.

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  1. This is a fascinating post because it ties in with some information I have that it’s the 2013 Equinox not the 2012 Solstice where the action happens and if you read the Webbot reports solar activity is a temporal marker. I need to know more about this chap and his whistleblowing.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Gordon’s fairly quiet these days. He’s survived a few threats now and again.

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