Gordon Logan – ‘Fukushima The Worst Disaster America Ever Had’

Map showing accumulation of caesium in the USA and elsewhere

Hi Tap,

Re Carrington event….

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a copy of the Chinese video and, although I asked my students, none of them had seen it. The documentary didn’t use any western footage or experts. It seemed to have been made in China.

The Chinese are no doubt prepared and in a better position. There is no sign of the British government knowing anything about it. They’re broke anyway and there isn’t the slightest sign of any long term planning other than paying the bankers. What is noticeable is that there is digging going on in Russia and China, but in America it’s only the elite that are doing anything according to Ventura.

Gamma rays have a lot of mass, energy and penetration, which explains why some people are digging. I doubt whether many people will survive if the magnetosphere is knocked out unless they’re deep underground or have a thick lead roof over their heads.

The only solution is for the US military to take over and/or bomb as many HAARP facilities as they can. I doubt whether the US military will show as much enthusiasm for saving America as they have done for butchering other nations that weren’t the slightest threat to them.

I think that much of America’s population is going to be ‘moved’ wholesale for the bankers. All the legislation is in place and America has had ten engineered weather disasters this year, not counting the Fukushima contamination which is turning out to be the worst disaster America’s ever had.

California and Vancouver are actually worse than much of Japan and it will continue. The Russians worked very quickly on Chernobyl, but the Japanese are paralyzed. It is quite reasonable to assume that the World Government has ordered them to do nothing. That may sound strange but that is precisely the kind of world we now live in. The biggest secret of the West is the sheer evil of our de facto rulers, and the weakness of our governments.

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PS You can see from the caesium charts that the west of North America has been worse hit than much of Japan. The radioactivity is piling up every day and most of it will not go away for a long, long time. Infant mortality figures are said to have jumped. That’s a figure to watch. These people can only be as evil as we are stupid.

Unfortunately many people are going to pay dearly for their stupidity.

God helps those who help themselves.


Jesse Ventura brings the various 2012 disaster scenarios to life

Solar flares coming. FEMA has underground facilities for thousands of people. There are dozens and dozens of underground locations – for the select few, the wealthy, the elite. The rest, you and me, are not invited. Will the guards fire on US citizens to defend the bunkers? ‘we’ll do whatever it takes’.

Jesse meets the mole people, already living underground.

Clip two shows that Themis satellites found a hole in the magnetosphere ten times bigger than expected. The effects of the Carrington will be catastrophic without the magnetosphere in full operation.

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2 Responses to “Gordon Logan – ‘Fukushima The Worst Disaster America Ever Had’”

  1. Nick says:

    Just an observation to this scerario. If this event did occur and all but these people who have the benefit of being underground are killed off. Surely, all other animal life on the planet would be killed too! What would be left ffor the troglodytes to emerge back into? Also, their guards could easily turn on them because, let’s face it, being psychotic is no defence against a trained killer with ambition. As I say, just an observation.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I’m with you, Nick. The elites seem to run on insanity as much as careful and intelligent planning. Centuries of in-breeding hasn’t helped, of course. Power and its effects has dismantled their ability to think. The course of history will always be as much to do with cock-up as with conspiracy. Let’s deal with conspiracy, and then sort out cock-up, face down the threats we face because of elite insanity, evil and incompetence.

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