Euro To Crash. One World Currency Coming. Goldman Sachs Rules.

This self-satisfied shitegob needs taking out and throwing in The Thames.
That doesn’t mean he’s wrong.
He doesn’t give one fig for anyone except himself, and his buddies in the financial elites, who he clearly sees as entirely justified in enriching themselves from the coming crash.

What he doesn’t mention, of course, is that they and their ilk caused the crash by flooding the world with exces credit for twenty years, and now they’re all cashed out of the markets, they’re pulling the plug so they can buy back in for a fraction of what the assets are really worth, and then grow supremely rich and powerful in the recovery.

Evil is here talking openly and arrogantly. That’s why these people must be stopped.

The only thing I agree with is the Euro can go to blazes. What worries me is what will follow that. Will Goldman Sachs try and impose a world currency, which will give them supreme control of the earth? No doubt they’ll be trying as soon as the Eurocrash occurs.

Gillian writes in email

On BBC News 24 there was also another similar type of interview on Sunday evening at
approx. 20.30 hrs. In this interview which I saw live another man and I don’t think it was
the same bloke as in this video, said quite openly that Barack Obama doesn’t rule the world,
Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan rule the world!

There seems to be a bit of a theme emerging.


The theme is the end of the Euro, and the emergence/imposition of the one world currency. Power will vest in a very few hands. The fightback against the elites with the series of underground explosions etc is rushing them to complete their works. The media is laying the trail.

Their latest problem is the collapse in precious metal prices. This was clearly not meant to be happening. The London gold exchange was closed yesterday, as they wrestle to stop the price tanking. Gold is intended to be a key part of the new world currency. That won’t be possible if the price sinks into the cellar. Maybe the White Hats helped the price crash to get going, and Goldman Sachs are desperately trying to stop the rot.

Without QE3, the price of all assets will be tumbling. Gold and silver are no different to anything else from that point of view. We’ve seen numerous governments around the world buying gold of late no doubt in preparation for the one world currency. The collapse of the Euro might be accompanied by a loss of control by Goldman Sachs of the markets, and a postponement. Now that would really be justice. Go the White Hats. Stop the Goldman Gold Boys like Geithner from ruling the world.

The Eurocrash might be deferred once more……

The power of the central bankers has grown through the boom years post WW2. The glory days are behind them now, and the crashes that people like the trader above foresees will not bring the days back again. They will depend more and more on terror and war to keep themselves in power. Humanity must start saying NO!

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20 Responses to “Euro To Crash. One World Currency Coming. Goldman Sachs Rules.”

  1. Me says:

    What people don’t realise, because the mass media doesn’t explain it, when the stock market gets £64 billion wiped off it in one day, that’s the pension funds, and the equity owned by the middle classes. That’s £64 billion wiped off the middle class. As you said the elites have “cashed”.

  2. Me says:

    You are a little harsh. That guy is an independent trader not a banker and at least he has tried to wake BBC viewers up. The presenter was not happy about that.

    Save your assets from assholes should be a slogan.

  3. Woodsy42 says:

    He may not come over as a particularly caring sort of individual but I thought he was amazingly honest and direct. He carefully stuck to the limits of what he personally knew and understood without being deflected into areas he wasn’t knowledgable about.

  4. Tapestry says:

    I think he’s keen to see markets fall because he’s shorted them and wants a rake-off. Like his bosses and the insiders, who orchestrated the boom and the excess credit in the system.

    These are the guys who are keen to eliminate 90% of humanity so they can live in luxury.

    Maybe he’s too dumb to realise how evil he is, or how evil the system is that he’s a part of.

  5. Me says:

    //I think he’s keen to see markets fall because he’s shorted them and wants a rake-off.//

    He said it doesn’t matter to traders whether the market goes up or down. They can make money both ways.

    For all we know he trades differently everyday.

    He told BBC viewers to protect their assets. That’s not something a pure globalist does – right? Ignorance is no defence but I still think you are being too harsh. He wasn’t himself a Goldman Sachs employee, he was working for himself, and he was revealing the scam.

    I agree he is in a bubble of money and doesn’t realise the evilness of the system and should have said more, and been less happy about it.

  6. georgesilver says:

    Dear Tapestry,
    Every time a person votes, whether it be Labour, Tory, Liberal or Communist. They vote to keep this system in place.
    When an ordinary guy steps forward (who is not part of the elite) and tells you this is the system he has been taught to respect by his “betters” you want to shoot the messenger.
    The World we see reflected back at us is a World we are partly responsible for creating.
    We love scape-goats but are happy to see the real villains carry on from the Royal family down through the government, Bank of England and the City.
    This guy is a product of the system that people keep in place by voting and there everyday actions.
    I to hope to benefit from this “elite” induced mess by stocking up on real Silver.
    I suggest you do the same whilst the JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs sales are on.

  7. Me says:

    //Without QE3, the price of all assets will be tumbling. Gold and silver are no different to anything else from that point of view.//

    Surely what matters is the price of gold and silver compared to other asset classes?

    Without QE3 the price of gold and silver derivatives – paper gold and silver – will go down but the price of physical gold and silver may still rise in comparison to equities, coffee beans, houses and cash because they will be in demand.

    If nothing else people will expect further debasement of the currencies. There will be trade wars and gold and silver will be an escape valve.

    As for the great deflation, remember the price of food and energy is still going up.

  8. Tapestry says:

    The current trend is that silver is crashing back from its bubble peak of $49, and gold is wobbling down from its recent peak of $1920. The US$ is in an uptrend from 70 to who knows where.

    When debts are deflating, people need $$$s to pay the debts off.

    The guy being interviewed is amoral. That is not good enough. No one can afford to say,’I just do my job’. Everything’s connected up.

    They boomed credit and now they’re busting it. The insiders know exactly when it’s all going to happen. The whole thing is totally unnecessary.

    Until the silver bulls are all quiet, the price will keep falling.

  9. Me says:

    Tap, nobody I know is a silver bull. It’s purely an internet phenomenon, which means marginal. Are you sure your Elliot wave based analysis is using the correct resolution?

    Might not the pullback be a wave 2 ABC correction before the bullish waves 3 and 5 rather than end of Wave 5 and reversal as you seem to suggest it is?

  10. Me says:

    Wave 2 corrections often retrace 68%(Fibonnaci) of the initial breakout (sometimes more, sometimes less). That would be a low of £23. It’s now £33. The breakout began at about £14 in March 2009.

    As you should know, because you follow Robert Prechter, Elliot waves are fractal so waves are nested inside waves. If you take this wave to be wave 2 correction then it is the ideal buying opportunity for people to protect their assets before waves 3 and 5.

  11. georgesilver says:

    The Gold and especially the Silver market are the biggest financial scam the World has ever seen.
    The price is driven by the futures “paper” market to make the Pound, Dollar and Euro look as though they are worth something. The same ounce of real Silver is being sold at a leverage of more than 100 – 1.
    The Silver scam is in it’s death throws. The crooks in the Central banks, JP Morgue and the Vampire Squid are losing control. This last crash in the price was aided and abetted by the regulators to help the big boys get out of their hopeless “short” positions.

    Then Silver is off to the Moon. Many coin dealers are refusing to sell what few Silver coins they have because they know how rare Silver is and how the price will explode.
    The only reason that guy promoted the Dollar and Bonds was because in the short-term they are good to trade. Bonds are in a huge bubble. The Dollar is disintegrating. The USA will default.
    Gold and Silver are the ONLY save haven.
    You have been warned.

  12. Me says:

    Why is this happening if people prefer cash over gold?

    In France they’ve BANNED cash sales of gold and silver over a token amount.

    “According to independent reports the law was passed to curb the illegal sale of stolen metals like copper, steel, etc. Given the rampant rise in thefts of these metals from telephone poles, construction sites and businesses here in the United States, we can certainly see this as a reasonable assessment for why the French passed this law,” writes Mark Slavo.

    “However, the fact that no exception was made for gold and silver simply cannot be ignored. The new law effectively makes it illegal to purchase even a single Troy ounce of gold or around 18 ounces of silver in cash.”

  13. Me says:

    Anonymous, that’s an old youtube video and it’s now past 26th September – it’s 27th.

    There have been amazingly few large Earthquakes recently. I think the last 6.0 or greater was 18th September.

    Elenin moving in front of the sun has definitely correlated with lower numbers of Earthquakes.

    The previous large earthquakes were when Earth was torn between Elenin and the Sun, in Elenin-Earth-Sun alignment, not the current Earth-Elenin-Sun arrangement.

  14. Tapestry says:

    Shane my girlfriend says that Nibiru and Elenin are leg-pulls to wind us all up while they get on with real threats such as false flag terror and wars.

    Gold and silver rose for ten years, and only started falling recently. The trend reversal is clear. Once real sellers (mines) cash in a little, and buyers (jewellery) cut back a lot, the inevitable happens. Speculative funds only buy if the psychology is right – when everyone believes that prices only go up. Trouble is people now see that prices also fall. The correction up will soon give way to more selling pressure in both metals – until the bulls are quiet. I even saw Nigel Farage trying to talk up the metals. Big mistake for a politician to stake their reputation on a bullion market.

  15. Tapestry says:

    I agree the elites like to prevent the masses from owning gold. That’s always been the case. It doesn’t change the price level though. The futures market is far bigger than the spot market for physical delivery, which is currently depressed.

  16. Me says:

    “Trouble is people now see that prices also fall.”

    Which people? I’m the only person I know who knows gold and silver exist.

    And if you are right then Gerald Celente is spectacularly wrong. Gerald Celente is usually right, which IMO makes you probably wrong.

    I do value your opinion though and I am less confident about encouraging others to buy gold and silver than I was because of you.

    I’m putting a bottom of £23 on silver. Not sure what that would be in gold – £1500? My guess is you have in mind a price somewhere closer to a silver price of £10.

  17. Tapestry says:

    Commodity markets have sharp tops and flat bottoms. Markets take years to decide their direction, not weeks or days. If we’ve just had a trend reversal, then that trend will likely be three years minimum.

    Bubbles normally go right back to where they started. Only then do they start to rebuild when the next trend reversal kicks in.

    That could three years or twenty years or more.

  18. Me says:

    If true (i.e. you are using Rhodium as a model), that would great for the majority of people but we must consider that the trend has only just started and this was the first phase.

    You say the bulls have to quiet, but there are at least as many bears. Your psychology model is open to bias. When have the bears ever been quiet as they should be at the top of a bull run?

    The bears have been calling this a bubble for the last five years of the 10 year run. Everyone I’ve spoken to in real life says it’s in a bubble. Bears are everywhere.

  19. Anonymous says:

    In general I believed the Euro was originally designed as the one world currency. if it crashes, the creators will use it as a tool for manifesting another version of it. I agree we have all been lead down this path for a long time. Avoid share markets.

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