Charges Against Rebecca Leighton Dropped

Comment just came in from Manuhashidate –

Excellent that somebody is pointing out that Rebecca Leighton may well be the scapegoat. Now that opinion is vindicated by the charges against her being dropped. And it also sounds ‘more right’ that she was just doing her job and that the ampoules, or whatever were a dodgy batch from the drug manufacturer!

Hospitals errors, however minor or major, are recorded voluntarily. In the UK that results in between 4% and 24% getting recorded.

With that in mind, and considering the recent ‘sabotaged/contaminated’ batch of Nurofen plus – containing ‘Seroquel’, which itself lists ‘suicidal thoughts’ as a side effect (I kid you not) – where does medical misadventure end and manslaughter begin?

TAP – the only other thought is that medical ‘errors’ might be being made deliberately to accelerate population decline as part of the corporate ‘environmental sustainability’ agenda.

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  1. Fair play tap. you callled this one at the time and have been proven right.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks, SAOT. The whole thing smelled wrong, and when they said she’d done 36 ampoules which they still had in stock, the whole thing was going to be easily provable one way or the other.

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