Britain’s ‘Dark Force’ Is The Bauers (otherwise known as the de Rothschilds)

Gordon Logan, hoping to return to his native Scotland from China, where circumstances beyond his control have forced him to live, wrote this comment today on The Tap. His home in Edinburgh has been attacked. He thinks he knows who by. He has been writing to The Tap Blog telling us about The Carrington Event when the sun emits the same waves as a neutron bomb. He says that just such an event will be forthcoming. Probably in April 2013 (how do you know the date, Gordon?). This is being planned to coincide with HAARP being used to dismantle the operation of the magnetosphere, resulting in the deaths of billions of human beings

He writes –

“I have named the Rothschilds as being the ‘dark force’ referred to by her Majesty the Queen. This ‘dark force’ which controls the British government, and much else in the world, through the mighty corporation of the City of London, is responsible for Britain’s culture of political murder – one that is unique in the EU. Even in Italy, because of the Gladio revelations, assassination has ceased to be a political tool. The Rothschilds are also behind the culture of political paedophilia that has been proved to underlie high politics in Europe and America. They are also behind HAARP and the resonant frequency earthquakes that hide behind ‘climate change’. They are behind Tony Hayward of BP and the Macondo oil spill that has stopped the Gulf Stream that warms Northern Europe.

Last night, Jacob and Evelyn ‘de Rothschild’ – as they call themselves (their real name is ‘Bauer’ or ‘peasant’) – sent one of their minions in a truck in the dead of night to my home in Edinburgh. The driver mounted the pavement and rammed a large hole in the garden wall, then drove off into the night. It’s a very quiet suburban street, not a main road, so it was no accident.

The Rothschilds are in trouble. Even in Israel, the generals are digging their feet in and refusing to attack Iran. The former C in C of Centcom, Admiral Fallon, defied his superiors in 2008, and also refused to attack Iran. The Israeli Generals know very well that the Iranians have thousands of rockets that would make a big mess of Israel. According to the Russians, the Iranians got hold of a nuclear weapon after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The Chinese government recently warned the Chinese public in a TV documentary that there would be a solar ‘Carrington’ event in April 2013, which would coincide with the disappearance of the magnetosphere. Thus the Sun would be turned into a sort of neutron bomb, that would not only disable the world’s electrical supplies for several years, but would threaten ‘biodiversity’, i.e. kill billions of people.

To get a clearer idea of what the Rothschilds are up to I recommend reading the ‘Anglo-Saxon Mission interview’ that has been posted on the internet. Near the end of the interview, the informant refers to the above ‘geo-physical event’. The Chinese have specified what it is, so now we know. The interview was given in January 2010, and gives quite a convincing picture of what Britain’s real government in the City of London is aiming for in geopolitics. The agenda is of course the Rothschild Agenda. There is nothing truly ‘Anglo-Saxon’ about it, so those attending were dupes, as were similar lackeys of the past, such as Ruskin, Milner, Rhodes, Churchill and the rest. Even the Israelis end up as dupes in the Rothschild game of mass extermination.”

“History is a race between education and catastrophe”. H G Wells

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    Hi Tap, I know you are busy, but please check the website

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    That’s one helluva site, Anon. I’m just not sure which bit’s the main story to pull out of it.

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