The Army Of Light

Mary Joyce is an ex-journalist who lives near a DUMB, the one near Pisgah – that of the Dutchsinse plumes. She’s brave enough to keep looking into what’s going on, despite the threatening atmosphere on all sides. She doesn’t know much, but she knows more than me, and she wants to fight the forces of evil that have become so powerful and are wrecking the economy.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

5 Responses to “The Army Of Light”

  1. georgesilver says:

    Very interesting video until Jesus appeared. That was it for me. There is NO proof of Jesus, in fact the same stories go back to a time before even the Egyptians. The whole religious thing was based on Sun worship.

    If there had have been a real person called Jesus he would have been dark-haired and definitely Jewish looking. Not a long blond-haired effete person that is the usual depiction.

    People who believe in religion are half-way to believing anything unreal.

    They cannot be trusted to be factual observers because they base their lives on “belief”.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Look at it another way, georgesilver. The image of Jesus was dropped from the sky in a hologram with crashes and bangs. Who exactly is manipulating who here? Those who possess advanced technology would not be beyond throwing in a religious distraction to put the inquisitive onto a wrong track.

    They seek to set us all against each other. You oblige them too readily.

  3. georgesilver says:

    Well you may be right. On the other hand we always think of “flying saucer” people being depicted as scientific, sombre and not prone to humour. Maybe it was and “advertising-saucer” like the aircraft that pull banners. Maybe they were advertising the latest musical. Something like “Hair”.

  4. Me says:

    georgesilver, you need to take the zeitgeist challenge

  5. Tapestry says:

    I focus purely on the factual information provided by people on the internet, and I don’t care if they are black, white, pink, purple, yellow, Christian, Moslem, atheist, Jewish. The only qualification required is they be human and appear to be credible witnesses and sources for the information they give.

    If we excluded all those we don’t agree with, or are different from, we would have no sources at all.

    I know the zeitgeist stuff. Yes it is interesting, but it is not directly relevant to whether there are underground bunkers owned by people keen on destroying humanity.

    If you are sourcing information from the USA, there is a high chance the writers will be religiously self-defined. That does not preclude them from being good sources on information they have obtained.

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