Allan Watt Dismisses Masonic Propaganda

Allan Watt tells it like it is, as regards Free Masonry.

The New World Order allows a secret club to have power over us.

Females are never given the real secrets of masonry. They are kept for show. They are being used. His book sounds good. Anyone read it?

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2 Responses to “Allan Watt Dismisses Masonic Propaganda”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, all the top of the Japanese military guys including Emperor Hirohito and Commander Tojo are Mason. If you see the pictures of those people during WWII, they wore the military uniform with a big pendant of Knights of Templer.

    If you look 731 Unit in Manchuria (North China), those Japanese Knights of Templers experimented on thousands of poor Chinese people. Just after WWII, those evil doers were aquitted for the exchange of the human experiment data by the Knights of Templers in US. Those 731 Unit people controlled Department of Health and all the medicines including Big Pharma in Japan.
    Now you know if you go to see a doctor to get some operations or get some drugs, you might be killed by them because you know what kind of people are controlling even medicine world.
    Another point of Knights of Templer during WWII is that who caused the war and why. Japanese Commander, Tojo went to study war in Germany, Italy and USA. He studied in a famous university in US, and he spoke English very fluently. He was called by those top of the Knights of Templer so that those internaional evil doers could trigger the war. All the Knights of Templer members in each Asian coutry co-operated along US and Japanese Templers. They killed tens of millions of people all over Asia and stole trillions dollars of treasures from people in Asia. After the war, they devided those treasure with top Templers in Europe, US, Japan and some other countries in Asia. Now you know why Lee family in Taiwan or Marcos family in Philippine are super rich. Of course, they got those treasures. Emperor Hirohito asked Hitler to hide some of treasures into Swiss Bank.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I followed the story quite well until you came to Marcos. His story is a bit different. He agreed to get the Philippines into debt, but refused to sign over Philippine natural resources in perpetuity, or join the dollar area. That’s why he was felled with CIA ‘people power’. His successors, the Aquinos, gave their backers all they demanded, keeping the country in poverty permanently. Marcos ruined the economy through his own greed, but didn’t go all the way the OWG wanted him to.

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